ATV Riding In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the surprising place for enjoying the outdoors. You can go hiking, biking, kayaking or ATV riding! If you want to explore some of the lesser known trails in Las vegas then I recommend going on an ATV ride. The only issue with that is most people are not experienced with driving them so it can be a little scary at first. It’s also difficult because there are no signs and they’re not always easy to find. That’s why I’ve created this blog post about where you can find these hidden gems of trailheads in Las Vegas!

atv riding
atv riding

First off, you need an ATV if you want to ride them. You can rent them at most storage places (U-Haul is the cheapest) but they’re very expensive and often require a hefty deposit. A lot of residents buy their own because that way they only have to pay for gas. I know it seems like too much money but if you divide the cost between how much an hour of U-haul rental costs and gas, it really isn’t too bad.


There is some maps to show where all these ATV trails are located. What u have to do is to go around your neighborhood asking random people who owned ATVs where they liked to ride, then I went to those locations and took pictures of the trailheads. I’ve also done some research online about trails around my area, so there are a lot more than just these!

Las Vegas is a perfect place for riding ATVs because we have tons of deserts and all you need to drive them is a helmet, goggles, and a trail permit. The trail permits get expensive but if you buy an annual one it’s not so bad. I get mine from Nevada 4 Wheel Drive because they have the cheapest prices in the area. If you’re looking for a place to rent an ATV in Las Vegas then this is the best place to go!

Where to ride ATV in Las Vega

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam actually has trails that go around the outside of it. They’re really easy to find too which makes them perfect for beginners.

Red Rock

Red Rock is my favorite place to ride ATVs, I go there all the time! This is because there are so many trails and you can ride through some amazing views. The problem is they close everyday at 4:30 so you’ll want to get there before then.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead has a bunch of trails that go around the lake and some other awesome spots too! It’s about an hour away from Las Vegas but it’s really worth going because there is so much awesome stuff to do. If you want to ride your ATV here I recommend getting there early in the morning because it can get pretty hot during the summer months, and if you get dehydrated it’s not good for you.

Lake Canyon

This place is awesome for riding ATVs and you can also camp there which makes it even better! Just be careful because this spot is close to Nellis Air Force Base which means military planes will sometimes fly over them! So don’t get in the way!

The other awesome thing about Lake Canyon is that they have a ton of trails which makes it fun for beginners and experts alike. Plus you can take your ATV all the way down to Lake Mead if you wanted too! This place has tons of different things to do so I recommend going there instead of just riding your ATV around, unless that’s what you want then go ahead 😀

Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill is a lot smaller than Lake Canyon but I really like it because it’s not as crowded and still pretty big. This place has some awesome views too so if you ride up north from where the trail starts it can be really rewarding. You should definitely check this one out because it’s a lot of fun!

High Rock

This place is the perfect mix between a beginner and expert riding spot. You can ride your ATV up really high up if you wanted too which makes it really cool to see the views from above. But there are also some easier trails here too so if you’re just getting started or want to take a break then this is a great spot for that! I highly recommend going because it’s one of my favorite places to ride in Vegas.

Red Cliffs

Red Cliffs has a ton of trails just like everything else on this list, but I mostly go there because they have an awesome beginners trail that goes around their lodge building! Plus from what I’ve heard they have good food too, so if you get hungry after riding your ATV for a while then this is a great place to stop.

National Conservation Area

This place is actually not that far away from Las Vegas! It’s located north of the city which means it’ll take about 45 minutes to an hour depending on where you’re coming from. The reason I’m recommending this particular area is because they have tons of trails! There are beginner, intermediate, and expert trails here so there’s something for everyone. Plus it’s really hard to get lost so even if you don’t know how to ride or want to take a break then just keep following the trail signs! But what makes this spot so fun is the views because there are hills everywhere! So if you like hills then you’ll definitely love this place!

Lake Mohave

This place has some of the most difficult trails but that’s not to say it isn’t fun. You can also take your ATV down by the lake which is really nice and they have a ton of shaded areas so if it’s hot where you’re from then you’ll want to go here instead. It’ll take about 45 minutes to get there and in my opinion, totally worth it!

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

I advise anyone who wants to ride their ATVs at Lake Mead National Recreation Area (kinda long name) goes during the weekdays because it gets very crowded on weekends. They have an awesome trail that goes around the whole lake which is great for beginners and even more experienced riders will have a lot of fun! Plus they have a really cool replica of a vintage airplane which is nice to see too.

How much does it cost to rent ATV in Las Vegas?

It costs about $200 for a 24 hour rental. Plus you have to pay them over the phone before you pick it up in person. The minimum age is usually 18 too but I know some places will let down if you can prove that your’e “mature” enough.

Does Las Vegas have ATV?

Yes, Las Vegas has a ton of trails and even has a designated route for people who want to ride the city streets. The Nevada Department of Transportation actually gives out permits so people can drive ATVs on all state roads. There are also tons of trails around the Red Rock area too!

How long is ATV in Vegas?

Riding an ATV in Vegas is usually 2-4 hours long depending on where you go. Many of the trails are only about 1 hour but if you want to ride thorough some interesting spots it can take up to 4 hours!

What do you need to ride ATV in Vegas?

To ride an ATV in Vegas all you need is a driver’s license and credit card. They usually ask for your ID just to make sure that you’re over the age of 18. The reason for this is because they don’t want anyone under 18 to ride without an adult supervising them.

Can you drive an ATV on the street in Nevada?

Yes, you can drive an ATV on the street if you get a Nevada Department of transportation permit! You must provide your driver’s license and credit card number to get one of these permits. However, you can only drive your ATV on the streets during certain times too.

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