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If you think that you can only enjoy caving tours in the summer, then you are wrong. It is indeed possible to do it all year round and with people who love this sport as much as you do.  This article will discuss the different ways that people can enjoy caving tours regardless of the season.

Caving - The Prehistoric Cave

Climbing into caves can be done all year round. Of course, you must expect temperature drops in the winter months but that is exactly why winter caving tours are considered to be even more fun. You can do it with other people who love spending time in the dark and cold because there will definitely be high levels of adrenaline rushing through your body after seeing everything.


You can even go on a winter caving tour with your friends and family. Just make sure to do some research about the place beforehand so that you have an idea about  the different routes that are available for you to take. It would also be ideal if you know which one of the tours is suitable for those who want a safe adventure.

Of course, you are free to choose your own destination on your winter caving tour. You can find places that offer plenty of excitement during this season so it would be best if you try them all out. The good thing about these tours is that they usually come with warm clothes and other equipment for winter sports so there will be no need for you to prepare everything on your own.

Winter caving tours are fun for people of all ages. That is why it would be best if the whole family gives this type of adventure a try. You can simply pick an area close to where you live and see how much excitement and thrill you can get in the winter months.

It is important to make sure that you will pick a suitable cave for your winter excursion. It would be ideal if you choose one that has areas with different temperatures so that means there will also be different kinds of rock formations, stalagmite or stalactites, and other features which add more beauty to the caves themselves.  You should also check if it has certain parts that might not be safe for everyone to visit because not all caves are suitable for children and elderly people.

Caving tours can be done in the winter months but it is also possible to do them in the summer and spring as well. You should simply choose a place that will make you feel like you are on an adventure like no other. It would be best if you go with friends who love doing such kinds of activities as well because this means that they already know how everything works, from planning to execution as well as knowing what safety measures must be considered at all times. They might even offer tips about choosing the right equipment for the trip like helmets, boots, and so much more so there will be no need for you to worry anything else.

Those who want to enjoy caving tours in the summer can simply visit places with known caves.  You may want to check out which one is the closest from your home and see how much excitement you can get in such a place. You will never know when you will discover something new about the place or even about yourself. It would be ideal if you do this not just for yourself but also with people who share similar interests as well because that way, you definitely have someone to go on an adventure like this with anytime.

Being able to explore and discover caves and other underground areas is something that many people consider as fun since they were young children. That is why it would really help if you choose a tour guide knows everything there is about caving.  He or she should be the one to guide you through the whole place and make sure everyone is safe regardless of where they are exploring since different parts of the cave can have very low visibility, even during daytime.

Where is the best place to caving?

The best place to caving must have a good road conditions, not too dusty and watery. Although there are some caves that can be found in open-pit mines or quarries, these usually unfit for adventure tour because the mine still has its function as a place of mining.

In general, many people looking for caves rather than rock as shelter or as a place for religious rituals. So, as long as the cave has certain features such as stalagmites and stalactites can be found in large numbers, it is possible to find adventure tours there.

In addition, the best places to caving should also be close to nature and surrounded by mountains and forests that offer fresh air. It would be best if you find a place that is not too noisy because it will make the exploration of the cave more exciting and rewarding at the same time.

As for places to caving , there are several popular areas in Indonesia such as Bantimurung – Maros (South Sulawesi), Togian Islands (Central Sulawesi), Senggigi (West Nusa Tenggara) and Wakatobi (South East Sulawesi).

If you are looking for the best place to caving, do not just limit yourself with options above. You can choose other option as long as it is suitable for your caving activity. There are also caves that are suitable for caving every day.

How do you get into caving?

Before you go on caving tour, make sure you choose the right type of clothes. Most likely, the ground is quite muddy and there are many rocks around.  That means your feet will get scratched if you wear regular shoes or even with rubber boots. So it would be best if you wear rubber soles that do not hurt when bumpy terrain.

In addition, you should also bring a flashlight because it will be dark inside the cave and there might not be enough sunlight that can reach the ground. You will also need this to see clearly when you explore the cave because some parts of it do not have any light source at all.

Prepare all equipment needed for caving. This includes a helmet, boots, gloves and so on. You can choose ones that have the right size for your body because if you wear small equipment while going to caving, it will be hard for you to explore the cave.

You should also prepare a change of clothes because after exploring a cave with water and mud everywhere, there is a high chance that your clothes will get dirty and you might not be able to wear them anymore.

It is also recommended that you prepare a first aid kit. There can be many types of injuries that happen during caving such as skin irritation, fracture, scratches and so on.

Do not forget to bring some food with you because it will take several hours before you reach the place where you can spend the night after exploring the cave. It would also be nice if you bring some snacks to eat when you are still inside the cave.

If you are going caving in a group, make sure that every person is accompanied by at least one person who is experienced with exploring caves. Do not forget to discuss with your guide about how long it will take for you to explore the entire cave before starting the journey.

Bring a minimum of around 2 people with you. If there is only one person, it would be scary for him/her to explore the cave alone and he/she will need more help if they get into difficulties during the journey.

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