Disc Golf Cart: A Golf Cart for your Discs

As many disc golfers already know, the sport is growing fast.  More and more courses are popping up all over North America and Europe which means there are more players out on the course than ever before.

With the increased number of players comes increased demand for discs at any given course.  This results in longer waits to play each hole, especially if people are retrieving their discs from surrounding bushes or long grass.

Disc Golf Cart


Disc golf carts can help relieve some of the wait times by speeding up your round.  They’re great for marathon rounds, back to back rounds with friends, and they’re even great for casual rounds to bring along a friend or family member who isn’t as experienced as you.

The great thing about disc golf carts is that they can be used instead of a push cart, and also your putter and mid-range discs.  This means you can carry roughly 5 drivers and 5 putters instead of having to carry 20+ discs in your bag!  Not only does this help speed up the time it takes to play a round, but c an also help players save their backs and shoulders.

Also, carts can accommodate upwards of 4 people so if you’re looking to bring your friends/family with you, this is definitely possible.  Carts can typically carry between 30-40lbs which is enough for 2+ discs for each person.

Disc golf carts are also great for tournaments where the courses typically stay open for an extended period of time (4-6 hours).  Not only does this help speed up the rounds, but it also helps facilitate more players through the course because people aren’t waiting in long lines to tee off at every hole like you see at many tournaments.

When it comes to looking for a cart, there are several things you should look for:

  • Price – Let’s face it; we’re all on a budget.  Carts range in price from $100-$300 and can be as expensive as $1000 or more if you want go-pro and lighting and other bells and whistles.  Be realistic about your budget and what you NEED and don’t NEED to play your best round of disc golf.
  • Types of wheels – The most common types of wheels for carts are pneumatic (air-filled) and foam filled rubber.  Pneumatic wheeled carts are typically more expensive than their foam filled rubber counterparts, but also typically have a higher weight capacity and are more comfortable to ride on.  Foam filled rubber wheels are generally less expensive and can be found in most sporting good stores for under $100 for a set of 4.
  • Capacity – How many discs do you carry?  How many people will be using the cart?  All of these questions will determine how much weight your cart can carry.  If you have a big bag and don’t want to carry it, or have a group of people who also don’t want to carry their bags, then you’ll probably need a larger capacity cart.
  • Grip – Will the surface you play on be slippery?  It is important to have a cart that has some sort of grip and not just smooth plastic or metal.
  • Size – The size and weight of your discs will also determine the size of your basket.  Carts with smaller baskets can easily accommodate 150+ disc golf discs, but larger baskets can cost more and are harder to find.

For the golfer who wants to simplify their game and get out on the course in a hurry with all their discs organized in one place, this is an ideal solution.  The cage provides easy disc access while keeping them protected from all angles.  You can carry up to 4 putters or drivers comfortably.  This design is completely customizable and can be personalized with your name or business name on the side to make it an excellent gift for friends, family, or yourself!

Also great for carrying other items like small hand tools (hammer, pliers, screwdriver), sports drinks/supplements, first aid kits or anything else you’d like to keep organized in one place.

The cart design is very modular and can be used with other carts on the market if desired.  It’s also compatible with some bicycle/scooter racks for even more transportation options!    

The first round of carts will be made with powdercoated steel and the second round (if we reach our stretch goal) will use aluminum.  Carts will come unassembled and may need some light assembly to attach the steering rods, etc.

Detailed instructions will be included with all carts so you can get out on the course as soon as possible!

Disc golf cart DIY

Disc golf cart DIY kits will also be available as an option if this is something you’d like to do on your own.

Kits will include all the necessary parts, hardware and detailed instructions so you can easily assemble your own cart.

Assembly is very simple with only a couple of nuts and bolts.  All holes are pre-drilled and simply need to be tightened with an adjustable wrench (or pliers if desired).

Price: $100 for the cart, $125 for the cart + DIY parts pack

Dynamic disc golf Cart

This is an advanced version of the standard disc golf cart.  It offers a slightly larger basket design and can accommodate both putters and drivers simultaneously, while also doubling as a beverage holder!

There are 8 drink holders in this bad boy for all your hydration needs.  Drinks will be held securely against the back wall of the basket, so you’ll never have to worry about them tipping over and spilling on your discs.

This is also a customizable design and can be personalized with any name or logo on the side of the basket!

The first round of carts was made with powdercoated steel and the second round used aluminum.  Carts will come unassembled and may need some light assembly to attach the steering rods, etc.

Detailed instructions will be included with all carts so you can get out on the course as soon as possible!    

Price: $125 for the cart + DIY parts pack, $150 for the cart + DIY parts pack + personalization

Are disc golf carts worth it?

While it is definitely possible to play disc golf without a cart, there are some great benefits to having one!

You can get your friends and family out on the course with you without worrying about carrying heavy bags.  This also helps speed up the rounds by letting more people through the course since they aren’t waiting in line.

Carts also help protect your discs from damage which can happen if you just throw them in a bag that is thrown around or jostled frequently.  This can save you money because of less wear and tear on your discs!

You’ll be able to fit more discs into one basket so it will be easier to carry everything you need for an entire round.  This will keep you on the course longer and having more fun!

Some disc golf courses do not allow bags so carts are a good option for those who don’t want to just carry their discs in their hands or pockets.  Carts also protect your hands from dirt, insects, thorns, etc while walking through the course.

Which Disc Golf Cart is better – Push or Pull?

While carts can be used either way, we recommend using a push cart if you’re physically able to do so.

Push carts are usually lighter and more nimble than pull carts.  They also keep the discs closer to your body which makes them easier to bend down and pull out of the basket.  This is why there are carts up with the handlebars in front.

The type of course you play will also have an impact on what type of cart to get.  For open courses with minimal obstacles, a push cart will work great!  For wooded courses that may have more debris on the ground, a pull cart might be better since it is easier to pull through things.

In general, a push cart is usually better for open courses and a pull cart works better for wooded courses.  However, both carts work great on either type of course!

4-wheeled disc golf carts – good or bad?

Carts that have four wheels usually use some type of swivel system that allows them to turn in any direction.  They are usually heavier than carts with fewer wheels and this extra weight can be a disadvantage when you’re trying to transport the cart through thick courses.

Wheels also add resistance when pushing the cart so they may slow you down more than simpler designs.  

 4-wheeled carts are also more expensive than simpler designs so it is harder to initially afford the cart.

What types of features do disc golf carts have?

Different discs golf carts offer different features, depending on their price range.  Carts that are less expensive may not have many features while ones that are higher priced will usually come with several options or accessories.

Some carts come with water bottle holders, cell phone pockets, umbrella holders, shovels/stakes on board, larger baskets for more discs, storage compartments, etc.

If you’re looking for some of these additional features you should be aware that they will usually add to the weight of the cart and slow it down when pushing or pulling.

What are the different disc golf cart styles?

The style of your cart will also be determined by its price range.  Carts with larger baskets are not always better!  If you’re playing on an open course, a large basket may not be necessary since it can make it harder to navigate.  On the other hand, if you’re playing in wooded areas like most courses are, a larger basket will help keep your discs protected and off the ground!

How much does a disc golf cart cost?

Prices range anywhere from $20 all the way up to over $1000 depending on what type of features you want.  You can make sure you get the best deal by doing your homework and comparing all of your options.

When selecting a disc golf cart, it’s important that you don’t cut corners when shopping for one.  A well-built in design and durable materials will help ensure that you’re able to use the same model for many seasons and years to come.  Carts with bigger baskets are usually better since they keep the discs higher off the ground.  Also, carts that weigh less are easier to push and pull.

One thing is for sure – once you’ve played disc golf using a push or pull cart, you won’t want to go back to carrying your discs in your hands or over your shoulder again!

Does having brakes really matter in a disc golf cart?

Carts with brakes are great for beginners or players who feel they may need extra help stopping.  They work especially well if you’re playing on a course that offeres some hills since it takes more force to push the cart uphill than downhill.

Brakes are less important for advanced players or those playing courses without any hills.  Advanced players are typically faster and more fit, which helps them respond quickly to stop the cart if necessary.

How long can a disc golf cart last?

The life of a push or pull cart depends on how often you play and the maintenance you put into caring for the cart.  If you keep it maintained from year to year, most carts can last many seasons.

It’s always a good idea to check all bolts before every time you use your cart just to be safe!

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