Elephant Safari Park Opens in Kenya

African elephant is the genus Loxodonta africana. It belongs to the family Elephantidae. An adult male can weigh up to 6 tonnes (13,000 lb). Females are smaller and usually don’t exceed 5 tonnes (11,000 lb).

African elephants are herbivorous, they eat soft plants. Their diet consists of tree leaves and roots that get into their reach. Sometimes elephants can be seen tearing out tree bark to eat it or pulling down trees for this purpose.


Elephants live in large herds with up to 100 individuals. The herds consist of females and calves who are led by matriarch – female wise, experienced individual. The male elephants live separately, they form groups made up of ten-fifteen individuals called “bachelor” or “all-male”.

Elephant Safari
Elephant Safari

Male elephants enter the period of musth which is characterized by highly aggressive behavior, high sexual activity and elevated testosterone level.

During this period they emit a pungent secretion from the glands on their cheeks and forehead. Elephants communicate with each other by means of low-frequency sound, elephants can hear sounds in frequencies below 10 Hz (humans – above 20 Hz).

An elephant is able to run at speeds of up to 35 mph (56 km/h) (on land), it can also swim.

Tourists in Kenya have delighted in the opening of a new park that allows visitors to drive alongside elephants. This innovative idea has taken many by surprise, with some critics claiming that it is too dangerous. The concept allows guests at the Amu Ranch Hotel to feed and interact with elephants in their natural habitat outside Nairobi National Park.

The ranch is the first of its kind and has been described as “the start of a new era in tourism” by Edwin Luyt, the owner. Some view it as an exciting way to get up close with these majestic creatures, while others feel that it will be detrimental to Kenya’s wildlife. Nonetheless, this park is expected to receive up to four hundred visitors a day.

The three-hour safari tour operates daily and costs $200 (US) per person, with proceeds going towards the protection of Kenya’s wildlife. Guests must be at least twelve years old to take part in the adventure.

What is the best elephant safari in Africa?

  • Kenya’s elephant safari park
  • Elephant Safari Park in Nairobi Kenya
  • Amu Ranch, the new elephant safari outside of nairobi national park.
  • New Kenyan Game Park Provides Unique Elephant Encounters

Tourists get up close with elephants in their natural habitat in a new form of ecotourism. Nairobi National Park, Kenya is One of the world’s biggest game parks, has opened opens world’s first elephant safari park. This is First-Ever Elephant Safari Park Opens at Kenyan National Park

Where else can I go for a safari elephants in Kenya?

  • Kenya Elephant Sanctuary is a safe haven for orphaned and abandoned elephant babies rescued from all over Kenya. The Elephant Sanctuary is a natural environment where orphaned and abandoned elephants can heal and grow. They are a foster home, not a zoo or circus. They believe our elephants deserve the highest-quality care and that they in turn offer much to their human caregivers in return for compassion and respect.
  • The Elephant Discovery Center is dedicated to celebrating the elephant as one of Nature’s true treasures. The more than 22,000 acre Discovery Center provides elephants with an environment of great biological diversity and aesthetic beauty.

Should I go on an African elephant safari in Kenya?

A safari allows you to get up close and personal with the wildlife. A safari offers a unique chance to see the wildlife in flesh! … An African elephant safari is the only way you can  get up close and personal with these animals. People have been visiting Africa to do a elephant safari for years.

How do I do an African elephant safari on a budget in Kenya?

If you’re planning an African elephant safari adventure but have a limited budget, here are some tips on how to keep costs down while still having a great time. The concept allows guests at the Amu Ranch Hotel to feed and interact with elephants in their natural habitat outside Nairobi National Park.

An elephant safari in Kenya can be enjoyed by all. No matter if you’re a budget traveler or prefer to pamper yourself, there is an African elephant safari for you.

How long should you go on a elephant safari in Kenya?

An African elephant safari can be done in a single day or even an afternoon. Even though you may not have the time of your life on an African elephant safari, if you’re pressed for time and still want to see some wildlife, it’s worth considering.

What is the best time of year to do an African elephant safari in Kenya?

The best time to do an African elephant safari is during the dry seasons. … The most popular time for doing an African elephant safari, particularly in Kenya, is during the dry season.

What do you eat on an African elephant safari in Kenya?

Anything that would be found on a normal Kenyan Safari. You can expect to eat lots of fresh local vegetables, traditional meat dishes and sweet Kenyan tea. … On an African elephant safari you’ll often eat traditional foods like meat stews, salads made with vegetables from their very own gardens and plenty of tea.

What are the largest dangers on a Kenyan elephant safari?

On an African elephant safari, there are many dangers including animals, insects and humans. … The larger danger on an African elephant safari is the serious lack of medical care. If you’re really worried about encountering dangerous animals or people, do your research ahead of time to find out how to avoid those dangers.

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