Emirates Stadium in London

The Emirates Stadium is one of the newest stadiums in England and is its third largest stadium, which hosts Arsenal football club home games. The stadium is located closer to North London than the previous Highbury Stadium was.

Another thing that makes this location stand out is that they have an enormous screen outside where they show big matches like Champions League games.


It is the second most expensive stadium ever built, just behind the Cowboys Stadium in Texas, USA.

The capacity of this new stadium is 60,000 people and it also has a retractable roof for bad weather conditions. The club currently holds an undefeated streak when playing at home under their new name.

Emirates Stadium in London
Emirates Stadium in London

Structure and facilities

The new stadium is very impressive when you walk in and the structure of it is amazing. You find yourself saying wow every five minutes when you see what they have created at this place.

There’s a lot to do around the location:

You can go for a walk along the high street and enjoy watching all the people that hang out here.

You can head to the nearby tube station and take a ride on the London Underground. The tube station is actually at walking distance, 10 minutes or so. You can also take a bus from outside which will bring you straight to this area.

There is not much around the area, but there are plenty of pubs for those who like to have a drink.

If you’re looking for some food then there are plenty of pubs that have their own restaurants inside, but don’t expect them to be very affordable.

Another thing that I found very cool is the fact that they actually named each place in this stadium with an original name like all other stadiums. You can go to The Shelf, The Sir Alex Ferguson Stand and so on.

The best thing about this stadium is probably the fact that they have a giant screen outside to show you football games like Champions League or FA Cup. You can see how much fun people are having just watching the game on this big screen.

Where in London is Emirates Stadium?

The Emirates Stadium is found in Holloway, London. It’s very easy to find it by public transport, but if you want to drive there, there are paid parking lots around the stadium.

Is Wembley Stadium an Emirates?

No, the ballpark is not called Emirates Stadium. If you have been to Wembley Stadium in London then thank you for helping us clear that up!

Why Arsenal stadium is called Emirates?

Arsenal F.C decided to change their stadium’s name in 2016 to Emirates Stadium after they signed a new contract with the airline company.

The new name was supposed to be called Ashburton Grove, but they changed it at the last second.

If the airline company didn’t pay as much money, then Arsenal F.C wouldn’t have changed the name of their stadium…

Where is Arsenal in London?

Arsenal F.C is located in Holloway, London.

Where is Chelsea football stadium?

Chelsea F.C stadium is located in Fulham, London.

Do city own their stadium?

No, but it’s most likely they own the land that their stadium is located on.

Which is the biggest stadium in UK?

Wembley Stadium, which is located in London.

Which is the most beautiful stadium in England?

It’s a tough choice, but I’d probably say Anfield or Old Trafford.

Which is the biggest stadium in London?

Wembley Stadium, which is the biggest stadium in London.

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