Horseback Riding Las Vegas

This written piece comprises of all you should consider when planning a trip to Las Vegas, especially what you should do if you are not the gambling type and the “traditional” experience of Vagas is not for you or when you feel like you gambled and ate enough.

Las Vegas, the capital gambling of the world, and it is grand sized casinos, lights, massive luxuries hotels, all you can eat buffets, famous Strip, shopping centers, the extravagances shows and the massive sports events and boxing matches can make your head spin and just before you realize you have gotten into one of the busiest cities in the world you have to go back home.

Desert on horseback

And it is true, Las Vegas is one of the hottest places in the USA.


But Las Vegas is much more than a gambling city and a hot place. Las Vegas is also the widespread Nevada desert surrounding the city, the breathtaking views, the wildlife, the tracks and hiking trails and of course the Hoover Dam on the Colorado river named over the 31st president of the USA Herbert Hoover and lake Mead created by the dam, which is the largest water reservoir in the USA and its beaches.

When coming to Vegas and you feel like you want another kind of experience, something new, you want to want to have the gambling and the shows and everything Vegas has to offer but you also want something different. That is when you need to consider horseback riding.

It does not matter if you are a cowboy accustomed to horseback riding or you have not met a horse in your life, the horses are trained and it is the easiest thing. Just get on the horse and experience the naked nature at its best, go through the trails of the desert early in the morning when you can watch the sunrise or early evening when you can see one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets. Stop for breakfast or dinner like the settlers doing the road from the east coast to California.

The options are unlimited. You can choose between a wide variety of tracks and trails; you can choose the time of day just to experience the desert and its habitats starting the day or you can experience the deserts nightlife waking up.

You can choose to go and see lake Mead created by the great Hoover dam or you can go and experience the mountains surrounding Las Vegas.

Also, you can experience all this without the trouble of the logistics, your guide will take care of everything, starting with picking you up from the hotel, making all the preparations for your trip on the back of a horse, making breakfast/ dinner/ BBQ, you chose, and getting you back just in time to experience Las Vegas and all its has to offer.  

Horseback riding is a unique experience for the entire family and brings them together. Leaving behind, even if for just a few hours, the stress of the cellphones, the news and the high volume of 21st century lifestyle and embracing the quiet, the nature, the face-to-face conversation with your family, rediscovering your spouse and kids, bonding again.

After you finished your horseback riding trip you can always experience the other attractions around Vegas.

You can visit the massive Hoover dam and witness the miracle made by man which provides electricity to three different states.

You can visit the marines surrounding lake Mead, you can hike the endless trails in the area, if you are into history, you can hike the Historic Railroad Hiking Trail, you can play golf in many golf courses located in the city, you can visit the Las Vegas natural history museum, and have a Dinosaurs experience and you can also take a helicopter tour of the area and experience the desert and Las Vegas from the air. 

And if you are not the tourist, museum, sightseeing kind of guy so you can always come back to the sin city and experience it at its glariest. The enormous casinos, the endless extraordinary shows or the sports events.

Obviously, if you like to gamble, Las Vegas is the place for you, the most famous gambling city in the world offers some of the biggest casinos, so big that you can sometimes just get lost in and cannot find your way out. You can play all the known and allowed gambling games, card games, roulettes, slot machines and more.

The Las Vegas shows are the most glamorous, exceptional, extravagant, famous, diverse shows in the world. From dancing shows to magic shows, singing concerts you name it, Vegas has it.  

And of course

You can even just take a walk along the Strip and explore the unique hotel buildings, such as the Bellagio, the Venetian, MGM grand with its lion symbol, the New York New York, the Mirage and many others, the colorful characters, the endless stream of people in the streets.

And if you happened to meet the woman/man of your life and you guys feel you just cannot help, who have not heard on the weddings industry of Las Vegas, when you can just get married in a glimpse of an eye. 

And the most convenient this is that if you had enough, and you want to head back home either get into your car a drive home while enjoying the unique Nevada view or just get to McCarran international airport, which is located inside the city, literally 5 minutes from the Strip, and until next time you come to explore Vegas, you can go back home and start planning your next trip to Vegas, because there is always a new thing to experience there, and if not, you probably have not seen it all. 

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