Horseback Riding On The Coast Line

If you’re in the mood for a bit of adventure this summer, why not saddle up and take yourself on an exotic beach ride? Horseback riding isn’t only fun but it’s also healthy for both you and your four-legged friend. Plus at many beaches around the world, especially in Costa Rica, having horses is part of the local culture.


Horseback riding is not only popular with tourists, but it’s part of the local culture on some beaches. If you want to experience beauty and tranquility by the ocean while taking in an exhilarating ride, then you’ll love horseback riding at these destinations:

  • Costa Rica – The warm breezes, lush scenery and boundless horizons are reason enough to explore Costa Rica by horseback. Horseback riding is one of the most popular activities among visitors to this country so you’ll have no trouble finding a guide or excursion along the beaches.
  • Argentina – One of the best places to experience beach riding is on the Argentinean coast. Ranches are not far from popular beaches plus the guides know exactly where to take you for a safe and thrilling ride on the beach.
  • Australia – Who doesn’t want to go horseback riding on Australia ‘s gorgeous beaches? And what’s even better is that several of these places offer morning or sunset rides so you can enjoy an amazing view of the coastline.
  • Brazil – The beaches in Brazil are some of the most beautiful in the world so it’s no surprise that they have a strong horseback riding culture. Some ranches offer activities for kids as well so your whole family can go on a beach ride together.
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Horseback riding on the beach is a popular pastime for visitors to Cabo San Lucas . Ranches are located near beaches so you can ride along the coast and then enjoy some Mexican food at one of the restaurants nearby.
  • Costa Brava, Spain – This section of the Costa Brava is renown for its beautiful beaches. Horseback riding along the coast has been a tradition here for many years so you can ride on some of the most stunning beaches in Europe .
  • Dominican Republic – The resorts in this part of the Caribbean are perfect places to go horseback riding on the beach. The scenery is gorgeous, the climate is warm year round and local guides are happy to take you for an unforgettable ride along some stunning beaches.
  • New Zealand – Horseback riding at one of New Zealand ‘s many ranches near the coast will allow you to experience the country’s raw natural beauty up close. You can go on a beach ride through native bushland, along the ocean or into some remote valleys.
  • Thailand – Horseback riding on Thailand ‘s beautiful beaches is for many travelers one of the highlights of their vacation. There are lots of ranches in coastal areas so you can choose your pick of beaches to explore with your horse.
  • Uruguay – Uruguay is a great destination for horseback riding on the beach. There are several ranches that offer guided tours, or you can ride along some of the country’s most beautiful beaches with your own guide.
  • The Caribbean – Horseback riding at many Caribbean beaches provides visitors with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some time by the ocean while getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. Most ranches provide instruction, so you can ride on your own if you’d like to go at a slower pace.


Horseback riding along the beach is fun but it’s also good for you because it allows you an opportunity for physical activity that doesn’t involve being stuck in a stuffy gym. So build up your endurance, improve your balance and work on your core stability. All of these things will help you to enjoy a safe and invigorating ride on the beach.

Have fun exploring the world by horseback riding at one of these amazing destinations!

Where in California can you ride horses on the beach?

There are a few places, but it can be rare to find a place that allows you to do this. The most common place people ride on the beach in California is Del Mar Beach in San Diego County.

Is it dangerous to ride a horse on the beach?

A lot of people think that riding horses on beaches is very dangerous, but the truth is that many ranches actually do this regularly and there are no reported injuries or accidents. You might want to use someone who knows the area if you are not familiar with where you are going. Do your research before going on any activity and always be safe.

Is horseback riding common in Australia?

Horseback riding is not very common in Australia , but you can still find some ranches that offer it. If you would like to go on a beach ride, there are some beaches where it is allowed. In most areas there are rules that you must follow so always do your research before going on this activity.

What are some beaches in the United States where you can ride horses?

Horseback riding on the beach is not very common, but there are some places where it is allowed. Most of these places are located on private ranches or off-limits sections of the coast. Some of the most common areas are Oregon , California , Florida , Hawaii, Texas and North Carolina .

What are some beaches in Europe where you can ride horses?

There are several places in Europe where you can ride horses on the beach. Most of these ranches are located near popular destinations so your travel time will not be too long. Some of the most popular places to do this are the Caribbean, Thailand , Uruguay and New Zealand .

How common is horseback riding on beaches in Argentina?

Horseback riding on beaches is a less known activity around the world, but it does happen. In Argentina there are several ranches that will take you on a beach ride and lessons are also available. Most of these beaches are not crowded so you can really enjoy yourself without too many obstacles.

How common is horseback riding on the beach in Uruguay?

Horseback riding on the beach is a wonderful and exciting activity to do while traveling and many resorts and ranches offer this opportunity. There aren’t as many places in Uruguay as places other parts of the world, but there are some ranches and beaches where you can go.

What is a good beach to ride horses on?

A great place to enjoy horseback riding on the beach is Coney Island Beach . There isn’t any traffic and it’s a fun place to play with your friends, family and even your pets. It’s a great place to go if you don’t have much experience riding horses, but there are places where you can learn as well.

How common is horseback riding on the beach in New Zealand?

Horseback riding on the beach is a fun activity, but it isn’t quite popular yet in New Zealand. Most of the beaches are off limits to horses because it can be quite dangerous so you might have to do some research before going on this activity or hiring someone to take you there.

What is horseback riding on the beach in Costa Rica like?

Horseback riding in Costa Rica has many different tours available and the most popular one is horseback riding on the beach. It is a wonderful and gorgeous experience and you will feel like you are in paradise with its blue waters and green mountains.

What is horseback riding on the beach like in Thailand?

Horseback riding on beaches sounds romantic, but it can be difficult to find places that allow it. In Thailand the best place for this activity is near Ao Nang . It’s a beautiful beach with soft sands and waters that are ideal for riding. There are some great restaurants nearby where you can enjoy the fresh seafood after your ride.

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