Outdoor birthday party ideas

The kids are still young and it’s just perfect to have a birthday party that is not only thrilling but also fun for them. The best thing about outdoor parties is that you can let the kids play and be active in an open space without worrying too much about anything since they can’t break anything or do any damage indoors. As parents, you just need to make sure that you have everything covered in case of emergency.

Outdoor party

Here are some outdoor birthday party ideas:

1. Treats for the kids with their favorite goodies


For this outdoor birthday party idea, all you need is to prepare is your kid’s favorite treats and cake. It can be chocolates, candies or cupcakes. Make sure that you have enough treats for everyone plus an extra box just in case someone gets peckish.

2. Entertain the kids with outdoor games

For this outdoor birthday party idea, you can let the kids play some outdoor games, especially the ones they are familiar with so they won’t get bored. It can be outdoor bowling, badminton or any other sport that they are good at. If you’re not sure what to play, you can always let them bring their favorite games from home and have a competition!

3. Get the kids involved with cooking

For this outdoor birthday party idea, it will be great if you can involve the kids in some simple cooking. Prepare for them some easy to cook snacks that they can share with their friends. To make it more exciting, you can let them prepare everything by themselves! Just keep an eye on them so they won’t burn anything or hurt anyone.

4. Party favors for everyone

For this outdoor birthday party idea, you can give out party favors to everyone who attended the party. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy as long as it has some value. You can choose from a variety of items such as balloons, stickers and even tattoos!

5. Outdoor DJ games

For this outdoor birthday party idea, all you need is a music system and let the kids dance the day away! Play their favorite tunes and have them dance. If they are old enough, you can ask them to sing along with the music. Have fun!

6.Movie Under the Stars

You can always finish your outdoor birthday party idea with a movie under the stars. Just let the kids sit down and watch a family-friendly movie. If possible, you can have someone to roast marshmallows to make s’mores as snacks for everyone!

7.Ninja Warrior Games

Set-up several obstacles and let the kids play a game that is like “American Ninja Warrior.” You can choose from different courses and set up poses for them. If you want to make it more interesting, you can offer prizes such as their favorite toys!

8.Giant Bubble Blast

For this outdoor birthday party idea, you can make giant bubbles using different solutions. The kids will surely love to play with the bubbles and help each other out in making them! You don’t have to buy any special materials for this activity. Just mix water with dishwashing soap and let the fun begin!

9.Build an Obstacle Course

This is perfect for the younger kids who are not yet ready to play in big spaces. Just make an obstacle course inside your house and let them run through it. You can also include some fun obstacles like crawling under a blanket or jumping over boxes!

10.Sockcavenger Hunt Party

This is a great way to get the kids active and at the same time have fun! You can play some old school songs from your phone or ipod and watch them dance away. This is also a good way for them to burn off some of their energy before they continue to party indoors.

These are just some of many outdoor birthday party ideas that you can try for your child’s special day. Just get everyone together, prepare your kid’s treats and snacks then get out of the house so everyone will have a great time playing outside! It doesn’t matter if it rains because even kids like to play in the rain every once in a while.

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