Snowboarding Boots

First of all, what is a boot? A boot is an enclosed foot covering for cold weather or sports. It can be made out of leather, plastic or rubber and has insulation on the inside to keep your feet warm. A snowboard boot insulates by trapping air between layers of insulation, trapping it in to keep your feet warmer. It has a sole with lugs on the bottom for traction. So when you are learning how to snowboard, make sure you have boots that are both insulated and have good traction.

There are 3 common types of boots. Those are lace-up, velcro, and buckle boots. One is not better than the other to the snowboarder; it’s more about who you are as a person. Lace-up boots give you more control over your feet because they go tighter around them so they stay closer to your feet. You can make them tighter or looser around the ankles, which is a good feature for beginners who want to feel secure and not have their feet move around inside of them.


The problem with lace-up boots is that it takes a lot of time to put your boots on and then take them off. Velcro boots are more convenient and less time-consuming. They go on and off easily and quickly, but they don’t hold as tightly to your ankles as lace-ups do. Lastly, buckle boots are somewhere in between velcro and lace-ups; it’s the best of both worlds because you get a little bit of security like with lace-ups and some convenience of velcro.

Now that you know the difference between boot types, it’s time to learn some boots!

  • The first on is Lange RX 130 . This boot is a lace-up boot with full heat moldable lining, which means you can make them as tight or loose as you want depending on your preference. It’s also known for being a sturdy boot. They are great for beginners, most likely they will last you for many seasons so they are worth the investment!
  • The next boot is BURTON Joystick . It’s a buckle boot with heat-moldable Intuition foam liner, which everyone knows makes the boots even more comfortable. It has an extended toe box and tongue for added comfort and warmth. BURTONs are one of the best boots on the market, which is why they cost a little more than some other boots.
  • Last but not least is the Ride EX boot . It’s also a buckle with internal J bars, an external flex notch, and internal torsion system to make it easier to control your board. It feels like you are riding barefoot because of how easy it is to move your feet around in them.

Snowboard boots can be pricey, but don’t let that discourage you! Make sure they fit properly; not too tight or loose. Also make sure that the boot isn’t too stiff for you because then you won’t be able to control your board as easily. If you do decide on one of the boots mentioned above, remember that it’s an investment! You will get many seasons out of them, so take care of them and they might just last forever.

That’s all for now snowboarders, keep doing what you love! See you on the slopes!

Snowboarding Boots and Colthes

Boot Anatomy

A snowboard boot is made up of many different parts that work together to give you a great fit and traction needed for snowboarding. The buckles are the most evident part of a ski or snowboard boot, but if you look closely you’ll see much more going on. So, buckle up and let’s go over the anatomy of a snowboard boot.

The sole is made of rubber or plastic to give you traction when walking on hard surfaces like ice or concrete. It also helps protect your feet from sharp rocks which could hurt them while walking around outside in the snow.

The flex notch is where the boot is laced to the board. It is made of a softer material than the rest of the sole and flexes with your foot as you bend it during turns and hard landings. The tongue is made up of different materials depending on cost and brand, but they all do basically the same thing: protect your feet from getting scraped by the bottom of your bindings.

The foot bed is made of foam and adds comfort as well as warmth to your feet. Lighter boots will not have much padding at all, while the heavier duty ones like those used for backcountry riding or freeriding can be very thick and plushy. They are also removable so you can change them out with others that fit your foot better. The liner is what you actually step into your boots with, and it will be either plastic or fabric based depending on the level of boot you buy.

Typically if it’s an entry to mid-level boot then the outer shell will be made of plastic, but the upper end ones like high-end alpine ski boots will have a fabric liner. The cuff of a snowboard boot is not a rigid part like it would be on an alpine ski boot, but rather a flexible member designed to fit the shape of your leg and hold your foot into the binding without making it uncomfortable or too stiff. It may also have padding for warmth. The buckle is what you used to tighten up the top and bottom of your boot where it meets in the middle. It needs to be easy to use and durable so it will last you many seasons and not break on you when you’re out riding.

Snowboard Boots for Beginners

If you haven’t bought a snowboard boot yet or are looking for something different to help you progress, check out the Ride EX. It’s an entry level boot that’s got simple styling and enough support to take care of your feet when you’re learning new tricks.

The last thing you need is an uncomfortable boot that’s difficult to use while you’re still finding your balance. The Ride EX is made of soft materials to give you flexibility for easier turning, but will keep its shape so it won’t get all wrinkled up on you while just standing around or walking in it.

Snowboard Boots for Women

Women’s snowboard boots are not much different than men’s, but you will find that there are more colors available. Women tend to have smaller feet too, so Snowboard boots are made for this by using materials that are thinner and even lighter than the men’s version.

It isn’t just about looking cute in pink either! By creating a boot with thinner material they can make it lighter and more flexible which will give you a better feel for the board through your feet, making it easier to turn and control.

Boot Sizing & Fit

To find the right sized snowboard boots, you need to measure your foot from heel to toe in centimeters with socks on.

If you fall between sizes go up to the larger one, unless you are used to wearing really tight shoes. The boot should not be too loose either because this will cause blisters on your feet which will make it difficult for you to enjoy your time out on the slopes.

Snowboard Boots Materials

There are many different materials that snowboard boots are made up of these days which is good for you because it means you can get the specific type of boot that fits your riding style and needs. This section will help you learn about what these materials are so you can tell them apart when making your purchase.

The most common material used is plastic or fiberglass. These are extremely light, but they won’t last very long if you’re planning on riding in rocky or icy conditions most of the time.

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane which is used in more expensive, higher quality boots. It makes the boot lighter and also provides good impact resistance. You can wear TPU boots on any type of terrain without worrying about damaging them.

Another type that is similar to TPU but increases the durability of the boot for intense riding conditions is PTFE which stands for polytetrafluoroethylene.

The final material you might come across when looking at snowboard boots is leather, and this isn’t always made up of your traditional cow hide. Synthetic leather is now being used in snowboard boots due to its increased durability.

Snowboard Boots Price

Snowboard boots range from $60 to well over a hundred dollars, depending on how much technology and materials have been put into them. If you are a casual rider or beginner it’s not going to affect your performance whether you have the most expensive snowboard boots out there, so don’t go over board with your purchase.

Snowboard Boots Maintenance

Snowboard boots can be difficult to clean because of all the different materials that it is made up of, but if you follow these tips then they will stay nice and clean for you.

To start with, try not to wear your snowboard boots outside when it’s filthy unless you are wearing them with some boot covers or tuck your pants inside your boots. If you do get mud, salt or sand on them then try to clean it off before it dries, because it will be near impossible to get out if that happens.

Use a damp cloth and wipe them down while they are still wet so you can remove any dirt more easily this way.

Snowboard Boot Reviews

Best snowboard boots for women:

  • Rome SDS Snowboard Boots – Don’t forget that there is also a men’s version of this boot too, depending on your personal needs and preferences. They are made with durable upper materials and rubber outsoles which provide you with great traction and stability when riding the slopes. They are really comfortable boots to wear, even when you are out there all day long which is great because it will keep your feet fresh and ready for more action.
  • Salomon X-Pro Snowboard Boots – This boot has a heel strap which helps you get the fit that is best for you, or you can remove it if that’s your preference. The foam insulation in the boot will keep your feet warm during even the coldest days on the mountain. When riding you won’t have to worry about losing any footing because these boots are really grippy and responsive which is important when speeding down steep hills on a board.

Best snowboard boots for men:

  • Ride RFL Snowboard Boots – These boots are really durable and made with high quality materials to help you stay safe while out on the slopes. The outer shell is a synthetic leather, but has been reinforced using Triax-E. This material helps boost the overall durability of these boots so that they can be worn when riding in even the roughest conditions. The insoles are really comfortable and also removable to add your own custom inserts if you want a little extra cushioning for your boots.
  • Rome 390 Boss Snowboard Boots – You’ll be able to stay safe and keep a steady footing while wearing these boots because of the sole design which helps provide you with great grip. The inside of the boot is really comfortable and insulated which will keep your feet nice and warm during even the coldest days on the mountain. These boots also have a soft flex, so they are a good choice for anyone just starting out in snowboarding or someone who doesn’t spend too much time on the slopes.

Snowboard Boots Brands

  • ROME – Rome snowboard boots are known to be great all around riding boots that provide a good mix of performance and style. They also have different models suited for beginner or advanced riders, so depending on your skill level there’s a boot out there for you.
  • Salomon – Salomon is known to have high quality snowboard boots, which are really comfortable and responsive. Their designs are often sleek and stylish compared to others on the market so it helps you look good while you cruise down the slopes.
  • Ride – Ride snowboard boots are made with all sorts of different materials, including synthetic leathers, rubber soles for improved traction and custom insoles. They offer a wide range of boots for different skill levels and preferences so you can find the one that will best suit your riding style and needs.
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