Visit Marble Arch in London

Do you want to visit a beautiful, vibrant and modern destination in London? Marble Arch is the perfect place for you.

The area’s celebrated dining, leisure and cultural district is a premier destination for socializing, relaxing and eating out.


It has everything from shopping, to lifestyle services and an array of entertainment venues. It’s conveniently located in Central London and is easily accessible by Tube, Car and foot.

מארבל ארץ - Marble Arch בלונדון

Marble Arch has a rich cultural history and was originally designed in the 1820s to be used as the entrance to Buckingham Palace. The arch had been planned for many years prior to its construction due to land being purchased between 1763 and 1818. At the time, there were plans for a new palace, but it wasn’t until King George IV became King that such plans came into fruition.

Construction of the Marble Arch began in 1827 under architect John Nash’s commission, who had also been chosen to design Buckingham Palace – another project he completed with success. Decimus Burton created the south side of the circular space while Henry Tanner produced statues of Wellington and Napier.

King George IV ceremoniously opened the Marble Arch in 1833 after it was completed, but it wasn’t until later that year when the structure was moved to its current location at Hyde Park Corner.

The arch has since been moved several times because of alterations to its original surrounding area – including having half of it dismantled in 1851 so that Constitution Hill could be made into a straight road. It didn’t return to its home for over 135 years, before finally being placed back on top of the newly built Queen Elizabeth Gate in 2013.

It serves as an entrance to Hyde Park via Oxford Street, where visitors can enjoy much more than what you might expect from London’s West End district; such as a variety of concerts, plays and exhibitions.

In addition to all of this, Marble Arch plays host to various shopping opportunities. There are large department stores across from the arch along Oxford Street where you can find everything from fashion and accessories to food and drink. And of course no trip would be complete without a visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum; located at Marylebone Road close to the Edgware Road Underground Station (just 3 minutes’ walk). Here you can meet your favourite celebrities including David Beckham or take selfies with Barack Obama, The Queen or even Meghan Markle!

For London locals looking for leisure activities in Marble Arch, there’s excellent dining available for any occasion. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or a quick snack, there’s plenty of cuisine from around the world to enjoy. There are also cafes and bars in Marble Arch where you can relax with a coffee or a cold beer after a busy day in London’s West End.

How much does it cost to go up the Marble Arch mound?

It doesn’t cost anything to walk up the mound and admire all of its architectural glory.

What other things should I do in Marble Arch? In addition to visiting Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, another activity you can enjoy is renting a bicycle from Barclay’s Cycle Hire which operates from 8am until dusk every day during the summer. It’s a great experience for all ages and a fun way to explore London!

Is the Marble Arch area of London safe?

Marble Arch is located in a very central area of London which means it’s easily accessible by Tube, Car and foot. This also makes the area extremely busy, especially during peak travel times. Although this is inconvenient for some people, there has never been any major safety issues at Marble Arch.

What are good attractions near Marble Arch?

Nearby Attractions/attraction distance from Marble Arch Station: Madame Tussauds Wax Museum – 0.1 miles Regents Park – 0.8 miles St James’s Palace – 1 mile Buckingham Palace – 2 miles Houses of Parliament/Big Ben – 2 miles Westminster Abbey – 3 miles Trafalgar Square – 4 miles London Eye – 5.

Can you go inside Marble Arch?

No, the Marble Arch is only open for people who are walking up the mound.

How do you get to Marble Access to Marble by underground?

The nearest tube station is Marble Arch on the Central Line. It’s also on many bus routes and has space for taxis. Where can I stay near Marble? There are some hotels right near Marble Arch including The Mayfair Hotel, Park Lane Hotel and Bentley Hotel.

How long will the Marble Arch mound last?

The Marble Arch will remain in this location for many years to come. It’s very popular with locals and tourists alike who just want to take pictures or admire the architecture.

Is there any chance of Marble Arch being moved?

No, it is unlikely that the mound would ever be moved again because it has been talked about for over 200 years! (The first mention of moving it was in 1754)

How long did it take to build Marble Addition Information?

Building time of the arch: About 6 months Construction started circa 1826 Finished/Completed circa 1827.

What are the dimensions of Marble Arch?

Height – 15 metres (49ft 8in) Width – 10 metres (32ft 10in) Volume – 88 cubic metres (5024 tonnes) Material- Brown Ancaster Stone

What is the height of Marble Arch?

The height of the Marble Arch is 15 metres.

How did they build Marble Arch?

They built it by taking thousands of stone blocks and cutting them into pieces. These pieces were then put together to form a new structure, similar to putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle!

Where can I get tickets for travelling inside Marble Access?

Tickets for travelling inside the arch are only available on certain days and times depending on Madame Tussauds’ availability. You can book online or at their ticket office which you will find right next to the arch, just outside Regents Park station.

How much do tickets cost for entering/travelling inside the arch?

Tickets cost £22 for adults, £20 for students/seniors and £17.50 for children 6-16 years old. Children under 5 can enter free of charge!

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