All You Need To Know About Airsoft Helmets

If you missed out on your chance to join the military but still get goosebumps whenever you watch action movies and see soldiers in action, don’t worry because airsoft might fill the void. Indulging in this enjoyable game with your friends resembles military combat. If you are wondering whether or not to don an airsoft helmet and which type would suit you best, this article will educate you on this topic.

airsoft, military, specnaarms
airsoft, military, specnaarms

Types of airsoft helmets


Although wearing a helmet is not mandatory in most airsoft fields, many players prefer to wear it for that complete tough-guy look and protection. Airsoft helmets come in different shapes and sizes, but some of the most popular models include:

  • MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) Helmets

This bulky airsoft helmet design is used mainly by law enforcement and military personnel worldwide. MICH helmets cover most of your head and protect your face entirely. Their downsides include heating up more and limiting the player’s field of view.

  • FAST (Future Assault Shell Technology) Helmets

FAST helmets have a minimalist style and are designed mainly for special maritime operations. They make a perfect choice for playing airsoft due to their light and well-ventilated nature while offering sufficient protection. Additionally, they allow you to attach accessories such as cameras, lights, ear protection, and face masks.

  • Custom Airsof Helmet

These are catchy designs explicitly created for playing airsoft. They come in diverse styles and shapes, and you can choose one that matches your tastes. For instance, you can go for a sci-fi-inspired theme and choose one with complete face protection or without.

Pros and cons of airsoft helmets

Like with everything else in life, there are both positive and negative effects of wearing an airsoft helmet:


  • Protects against injury

Although an airsoft gun is not lethal like a real gun, it still shoots the plastic pellets with significant pressure that can cause injury, especially proximity headshots. Airsoft fields and arenas also present obstacles like climbing through holes in walls and windows, and as you run and fight, it’s possible to bang your head. An airsoft helmet comes in handy to shield your head from injury.

  • It brings an incredible visual aesthetic

As you enjoy an airsoft game, you want to appear like a real soldier handling business in operation Desert Storm. A helmet accentuates the look and perfects the impression of who you want to mimic, whether it’s a NATO soldier or SWAT operative.

  • Offers room to add tactical accessories

A helmet allows you to add attachments such as a mesh mask for face protection, communication equipment, night vision goggles for playing in the dark, flashlights, and cameras to record the gameplay.


When grasping all you need to know about airsoft helmets, it’s essential also to note the downsides:

  • Helmets can get hot and humid

Some helmet types can cover your entire head and make you feel like you are baking in an oven. Overheating, especially during warmer months and humidity, can be very uncomfortable and make you feel dizzy.

  • Some helmets cause neck fatigue.

Wearing bulky helmet designs such as the MICH helmets for extended periods can cause neck fatigue, especially when loaded with tons of accessories.

Parting Shot

Many remarkable aspects come with wearing an airsoft helmet. You can choose any size or shape and customize it to your tastes for the ultimate gaming experience.

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