Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft guns are great fun, they can also be very dangerous. It’s our responsibility to take the precautions needed to prevent injury while enjoying this sport!

Let us begin with a brief discussion of safety glasses and goggles which should be used whenever you are shooting or observing airsoft.

Airsoft Pistol

Goggles, plastic lenses

The only thing better than a pair of safety glasses is a solid pair of goggles with polycarbonate lenses. Airsoft players should understand that although plastic lenses are shatter resistant they are not unbreakable . If the lens is hit by a BB at high velocity it will most likely crack. This is why goggles for airsoft should always have polycarbonate lenses, which can resist high-velocity impact and provide better overall protection than safety glasses alone.

Goggles, tinted lenses

You should be aware of the properties of tinted lenses. A darker tint may provide better eye protection against bbs but it will lower your field-of-view (FOV) and hinder you with regards to acquiring targets in certain lighting conditions. Once again, this is why safety glasses are an important addition to your airsoft goggle system.

IMPORTANT: NEVER shoot at anyone wearing a tinted lens mask – you will not know whether it is clear or darkly tinted and the result may be tragic!

Goggles, mirrored lenses

Mirrored goggles are very popular with airscrew fans because they enhance the wearer’s camouflage properties when they are in the field. These goggles are great for woodland battles but must be combined with safety glasses because mirrored lenses do not offer complete protection against bbs.

Eye protection, half-mask respirators

Half face masks DO NOT provide any eye protection so you should always wear goggles or a paintball mask in combination with it . This safety mask is worn to protect the wearer’s face and lungs from getting hit by a bbs. It also helps prevent colds and other airborn diseases while you’re out in the field.

Eye protection, paintball mask

A paintball mask is really just a half-face protective mask with an added bonus: it offers protection for your eyes as well as the rest of your face. This type of mask is popular because it offers a wide FOV and doesn’t hinder your vision or hearing. One thing you should be aware of however is that most paintball masks leave a gap around the nose which makes breathing a little more difficult – they are not ideal for colder weather .

Eye protection, gas mask

If you want the ultimate in face protection then a gas mask is probably your best bet. Not only does it provide complete eye protection, it also protects your entire head from bbs and most airborn viruses/bacteria which may be present during an airsoft skirmish. The downside of a gas mask is that you can not wear it for extended periods of time because breathing pure rubber (which most gas mask lenses are made of) all day can be very tiring.

There’s one more thing you should consider when purchasing eye protection for airsoft. Airsoft is not paintball – the bbs used in this sport are often heavier than those fired during paint games and can damage lighter safety glasses. If you are using inexpensive safety glasses make sure you do not shoot at your buddies with full-auto or high velocity airsoft guns!

You should also know that most goggles can fog up when they are worn for extended periods of time which blocks the wearer’s vision. There are some plastic lenses out there that have an anti-fog coating but they are usually not available in tinted versions. If you want a tinted lens for your goggles be prepared to deal with the fogging problem.

One final thing: most helmets and goggles come with a carrying bag so you can protect them from getting scratched up or lost when you’re not using them. If your goggles don’t have one, buy an inexpensive storage case so you’ll never lose sight of your safety equipment.

Are airsoft pistols illegal?

Some countries have very strict laws regarding the ownership and use of firearms. In an effort to deter kids from playing cowboys and Indians with actual guns many nations decided to make certain types of pistols illegal for their citizens.

In Canada, airsoft pistols are classified as faux-weapons which means that they may be legal to carry in public places but are not allowed to be fired. If you use one in an aggressive manner you may receive a fine or even spend some time in jail depending upon how serious your actions are construed.

In the United States, airsoft pistols are defined as replica firearms which means that they are treated like real guns by law enforcement officials. You must keep them unloaded and stored in a safe place to avoid accidents and other legal problems. If you take one out of your house to use it at an airsoft skirmish you must carry the weapon in a non-threatening manner (for example: in a carrying bag or box).

Do I need a license for an airsoft pistol?

The short answer is no. In the United States, Federal law requires that all firearms must be registered with the Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) but airsoft pistols are exempt from this requirement. However, in most states you must be 18 years or older to buy one without parental consent.

In some countries there may not be a minimum age for buying an airsoft pistol but there are often strict laws about where these weapons can be fired. For example, in the United Kingdom you need to have a firearms license to buy any kind of gun including an airsoft pistol (if you live in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or Scotland).

Some countries like Australia make it illegal to use any kind of replica firearm to threaten or alarm people. In essence, if you use a fake weapon in a threatening manner you can be charged with a criminal offense and receive a stiff fine or even spend some time in jail.

Is airsoft expensive?

The simple answer is yes. Airsoft guns are usually more expensive than paintball markers because they fire projectiles that often cause property damage.

There are some cheap gas guns available in most sporting goods stores but you need to make certain they are not BB guns because the projectiles fired from these devices can travel long distances with enough force to kill or injure people (in California, it is actually illegal for any pellet gun to be sold without an orange tip).

Why are airsoft weapons so expensive?

Unlike paintball guns, airsoft weapons are not mass produced so they can’t really be classified as cheap. Also, most of the top brands come with a warranty which means that if you buy one and something goes wrong with it you will have to pay money to fix it. When you add all these things up you’ll realize that airsoft is not a cheap sport.

Who makes the best airsoft pistols?

ARMSCOR, Maruzen, Tokyo Marui and KSC are four of the top manufacturers of pistol replicas for use in airsoft skirmishes. All four brands have both gas and electric models that come with excellent warranties. If you’re new to the sport we recommend that you buy one of these guns for your first dueling experience.

Can I use my own glasses to play airsoft?

If you wear corrective lenses then it would be a good idea to invest in some safety goggles that can withstand the impact of an airsoft projectile fired from close range (about 12 feet). If you don’t have a prescription you can probably use the same glasses that you wear during paintball skirmishes.

Can I use a real gun as an airsoft pistol?

In many countries it is legal to modify a real firearm into a replica weapon for use in airsoft skirmishes. However, this requires that the weapon be outfitted with all the same safety devices that are used on the real thing. You can get kits that will allow you to do this online or in specialty stores where you buy airsoft pistols.

Will shooting an airsoft gun hurt?

The simple answer is yes. Even if you wear safety goggles your eyes will be vulnerable to the impact of a high-velocity projectile (the same thing goes for paintball markers). You should always wear proper eye protection.

Do I need special clothing to play airsoft?

If you want to be safe you should invest in a pair of padded gloves and a padded shirt, pants or shorts. However, if you only want to play casually you can probably get by with your everyday clothing as long as it’s fairly light and comfortable.

How can I join an airsoft club?

Many cities have groups that meet regularly to play skirmishes on public land. These groups are often referred to as airsoft associations or clubs. If you’re new to the sport, it might be easier for you to start out by joining an association before buying your own equipment.

Is there a special type of gun that’s best for beginners?

If you don’t have any experience then we recommend buying a relatively inexpensive gas pistol with full auto/semi auto capability. You can always upgrade when you get better at shooting airsoft projectiles.

How do I find a retailer that carries airsoft guns?

The best way to start your search is by going online and typing “airsoft retailer” into a search engine. You should also try contacting the dealers in your area to see if they have any information on where you can buy pistols. If you don’t want to shop for airsoft guns online, you might try signing up for a skirmish with one of the local airsoft associations.

Will playing airsoft make me aggressive?

While some people have claimed that they experience an increase in aggression after playing airsoft on their own property, there is no evidence to support this assertion. If someone shoots you repeatedly during an airsoft skirmish you might feel some anger afterwards, but this is the same reaction that you get after playing paintball.

Is it easy to find accessories for airsoft guns?

In most cases, online retailers will carry a wide variety of add-ons for your pistol. These include red dot scopes, flashlight attachments, tactical flashlights and laser light modules.

You can also buy a protective carrying case for your airsoft gun if you want to keep it in tip-top shape.

Is it easy to upgrade an airsoft gun?

In most cases, yes. The easiest upgrades are the ones that you can make yourself with a screwdriver or hex wrench. For example, if your pistol uses a 12-gauge CO2 cartridge then you can easily switch out the standard cartridge for one of greater capacity.

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