Animal Adventure Park

Animal Adventure Park is a 700 acre park with extensive recreational facilities and an accredited zoo, founded in 2014. In the center of the complex is a large home for animals that cannot be returned to their natural habitats, as well as animals who are brought from various zoos around the world.

Come visit Animal Adventure Park and get up close and personal with their collection of exotic and endangered species. Our 700 acre park provides a fun and educational experience that will be remembered for years to come!


In April of 2016, Animal Adventure Park welcomed giraffe April into its fold. This first-time mom gave birth to daughter, Tajiri in April of 2017.

Animal Adventure Park is dedicated to providing a fun and educational experience that will be remembered for years to come. Come visit the giraffes at Animal Adventure Park today!

Animal Adventure Park
Animal Adventure Park

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Birds at Animal Adventure Park

Animal Adventure Park also houses a large collection of birds, both exotic and domestic!

Their avian collection consists of over 200 individual birds representing 80+ species. Including:

African penguins, Ancona ducks, American kestrels, Barn owl, Barred owl, Black vulture, Blue and gold macaw, Brazilian teal, Bufflehead duck, California quail, Canada goose, Carolina chickadee, Chukar partridge, Common peafowl, Crimson rosella, Double-yolked egg layer and more.

Cold blooded animals at Animal Adventure Park

Animal Adventure Park houses a large collection of cold blooded animals, such as turtles, alligators and snakes.

Their collection consists of over 50 species of inhabiting the below-freezing temps! Including:

American alligator, Blanding’s turtle, Blue-tongued skink, Chinese softshell turtle, Milk snake, Painted turtle, Red-eared slider and Yellow rat snake.

Mammals at Animal Adventure Park

Animal Adventure Park is home to a variety of mammals. The park currently has three giraffe, three zebra, one bison, two warthogs, nine pygmy goats and two guinea fowl.

Primates at Animal Adventure Park

Animal Adventure Park also houses a large collection of primates from around the world. Their collection consists of over 30 species including:

Black howler monkey, Black lemur,, Black-handed spider monkey, Coquerel’s sifaka, Cotton-top tamarin, Dusky titi monkey, Emperor tamarin, Golden lion tamarin, Golden snub-nosed monkey, Gorilla silverback mountain gorilla and Ring tailed lemur.

The giraffes are the most famous mammals at Animal Adventure Park. The giraffes at Animal Adventure Park are Asali, Oliver, April and Tajiri.

April the Giraffe is the most famous of the foursome.  She made history last year when her live stream of her pregnancy went viral garnering over 232 million views on YouTube by caring people all over the world!  April delivered her calf Tajiri on April 15, 2017.

Asali is Oliver’s mother.  April and Asali are both first time moms.  Asali gave birth to her son in December of 2015.

Oliver is the father of Tajiri, who was born in 2017.  He is also Lulu’s dad; she gave birth to a calf named Will in 2016.

Lulu is a 5-year-old giraffe from Animal Adventure Park’s sister zoo, Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  She gave birth to her son Will on March 2nd, 2015.

Tajiri is the first calf for April and the fourth calf for Oliver who also has a calf at Animal Adventure Park’s sister zoo,  Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Giraffes in Adventure Park Fun Facts

April is a 15+ year old reticulated giraffe.  She weighs 1,600 lbs and is 5’9″ tall.  April was imported from the Garden State Zoo in 2008.  She was 4 years old at the time of her arrival at Animal Adventure Park.

Oliver is a 6+ year old reticulated giraffe.  He weighs 2,000 lbs and is the tallest of the giraffes at a height of 18’2″.  Oliver was also imported from the Garden State Zoo in 2012.

Asali is a 25+ year old reticulated giraffe.  She weighs 1,800 lbs and stands at 5’7″.  Asali was born and raised at Animal Adventure Park.

Tajiri is the curiosity of many, as he is a “mix” of three species; his father Oliver is a reticulated giraffe, his mother April an African bush elephant and his grandmother Asali a Southern white rhinoceros. Tajiri is 5′ tall at just 8 months old and weighs 450 lbs!

Animal Adventure Park’s giraffes are fed fresh bales of hay daily, along with a specially blended ration, minerals, vitamins and watermelon. Our giraffe blend includes alfalfa, barley, corn, oats and rye; this allows for optimal nutrient absorption, while providing variety to the giraffe diet.

Giraffe Enrichment in Animal Adventure Park

Animal Adventure Park provides enrichment for their animals both mentally and physically.  The giraffes are provided with various forms of enrichment including; scent boxes, puzzles, objects to manipulate and play with – which provide not only mental stimulation but also exercise. The animals are given treats throughout the day, which encourages foraging behavior.

Giraffes at Animal Adventure Park are provided with enrichment on a daily basis.  The giraffes receive items such as; large chains and balls that they can play with and objects that provide them with mental stimulation by way of scent enrichment (i.e. boxes filled with scented treats such as orange peels and coffee grinds).  Additionally, the animals receive treats such as; apples, carrots, cucumbers and melons throughout the day.

Giraffe Encounter & VIP Giraffe Tour Behind the Scenes Tours in Animal Adventure Park

Tour up close to our giraffes, behind the scenes in their barn. Enjoy your exclusive time handling a leafy branch with their reticulated giraffes!  Space is limited. y ou can feed them for an additional $5. The animals receive fresh alfalfa and watermelon. We encourage you to bring your own leafy green branches for enrichment. The giraffes will show you their incredible tongues up close!The tour include:

  • Photo opportunity with a Giraffe Encounter Gift Bag
  • A Giraffe Encounter Certificate of Participation
  • Personalized Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Meet April, Oliver and their new calf Tajiri!

The tours are also offered on select Saturdays for an additional $10 per person. The Saturday VIP tour includes the following:

  • Photo opportunity with a Giraffe Encounter Gift Bag
  • A Giraffe Encounter Certificate of Participation
  • Personalized Behind-the-Scenes Tour that includes a meet and greet with April, Oliver and their new calf Tajiri!

Animal Adventure ParkVisitor Information

Animal Adventure Park is open daily from 10am-5pm.

Address: 145 Turkey Hat Road, Harpursville, NY 13787

Phone Number: 607-693-2000

General Admission Prices (tax included): General admission tickets are $14.50 for adults (ages 13+), $10.50 for children (ages 3-12), and infants are free with a paid adult admission. Ages 2 and under are admitted free of charge.

  • ATM Available on Site
  • Accepts Credit Cards

Animal Adventure Park – Group Rates

Whether you’re a school group, daycare, summer camp or just a group of friends looking to have an amazing experience together, Animal Adventures is the place for your visit.  Animal Adventure Park offers both guided and self-guided tours.

Groups are encouraged to arrive at 9am for an early entrance into the park prior to our normal public opening hours. Your group will enjoy an educational and interactive tour of our facility with one of their experienced educators.  While your group is visiting Animal Adventure Park, lunch will be provided for the entire group in our on-site café.

Your visit to Animal Adventure Park can include a private Giraffe Encounter or VIP Giraffe Tour which are offered at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm daily. This is an exclusive experience offered to you by your group only!  Your private tour will include a behind the scenes look into the Giraffe Barn where you will have up-close opportunities with our reticulated giraffes.

For more information on booking your group’s visit to Animal Adventure Park, please call 607-693-2000 or email them

School group rate

School group rate of $2 per student available – can not be combined with any other offer.

Animal Adventure Park is a proud supporter of the Prevent The Bite Foundation.  The Prevent The Bite Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to providing education and prevention methods regarding animal bites, supporting legislation that enhances public safety and preventing future attacks through research.  

Non School group rate

Animal Adventure Park is offering a rate of $8 per student for non-school groups, which includes both bus transportation and admission. This can not be combined with any other offer.

Animal Adventure Park Animal Rights and Animal Welfare

Animal Adventure Park believes in advocacy for all animals: wild, domestic and exotic. Our goal is to preserve and enrich the lives of all creatures great and small. We are a proud member of the North American zoological park association (NAZPA) . NAZPA’s mission statement states that its members are “…committed to excellence in animal care and welfare, conservation, education, research and sustainability.”  We support local and national initiatives that promote the well-being of all animals.

Animal Adventure Park is home to giraffes; offering educational opportunities for thousands of children annually. Animal Adventure Park recognizes its role as an ambassador species and it will serve as a platform for education regarding the natural history of animals and their importance in ecosystems worldwide. The park supports and enhances local, regional and international conservation initiatives through funds, events and programming.

Animal Adventure Park is proud to be an AZA (Association of Zoos & Aquariums) accredited facility.  The association is a leader in global wildlife conservation, as well as the humane care and welfare of animals.

Animal Adventure Park participates in the AZA SAFE program for elephants.  SAFE supports animal welfare, conservation and veterinary initiatives worldwide.

Conservation Support in Animal Adventure Park

A portion of ticket sales will be donated to our conservation partners. The park is committed to the survival of endangered species and the continued preservation of wild populations.

Animal Adventure Park – Educational Programs

In addition to being able to observe our collection, Animal Adventure Park offers a variety of educational seminars and activities that are included with regular zoo admission. For a more comprehensive schedule or if you have a large group, please email for more information.

Animal Adventure Park – Gift Shop

Animal Adventure Park gift shop features a variety of unique and educational gifts as well as souvenirs such as plush, apparel, jewelry and much more! The gift shop is open daily from 10am-5pm.

Animal Adventure Park – Events and Rentals

While visiting Animal Adventure Park, you may rent space for birthday parties, field trips, scout events and more! Arrangements can be made in advance by calling 607-693-2000.

Animal Adventure Park holds many events throughout the year including our annual Easter Egg Hunt as well as Christmas events with Santa Claus.

Animal Adventure Park – Employment Opportunities

Animal Adventure Park is always looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team at Animal Adventure Park! To inquire about employment opportunities, please email with the position you are interested in and your resume attached. All applications must be submitted online.

Animal Adventure Park – History

Animal Adventure Park was founded in 2014 by Jordan Patch. The park provides a fun and educational experience that will be remembered for years to come!

Visitors to Animal Adventure Park can get up and close and personal with exotic and endangered species. The park features a collection of over 100 rare and exciting animals that cannot be found anywhere else!

Animal Adventure Park – Location

Animal Adventure Park is located at 145 Turkey Hat Road in Harpursville, NY. The park is open daily from 10am-5pm and located just off Route 7 near Binghamton, NY.

To get to Animal Adventure Park, take 787 to exit 15A (Harpursville) follow Rt-206N toward Vestal/Endwell. Follow 206 approximately 8 miles until you see Routese 26/7. Exit right on to Rt-26, travel North for 5 miles. Turn left onto route 7 east (at the Subway.) Travel approximately 3 miles until you see Avondale Dr Avon St on your right or 145 turkey hat road directly across from Home Depot.

For more information, please call 607-693-2000 or email More information can also be found on the Animal Adventure Park website at and on their Facebook page at

Animal Adventure Park – Donation Requests

Animal Adventure Park is proud to support several local organizations that promote animal welfare, conservation efforts and scientific research. Please email with you donation request at least 14 days in advance.

Animal Adventure Park – Food and drink policy

Outside food and drink is not permitted inside Animal Adventure Park. We do have several food options available on site for purchase for breakfast, lunch and snack breaks. A variety of non-alcoholic beverages are also available at our concessions stand for purchase. Thank you!

Animal Adventure Park – Membership information

Animal Adventure Park offers many membership opportunities for those that plan to visit regularly. To inquire about memberships, please email with your inquiry.

Animal Adventure Park – Animal Encounters

Animal Adventure Park offers many opportunities to have up close encounters with the animals on property. From Animal Keeper Talks, Feeding Tours and Kid’s Birthday Parties – there is something for everyone! For more information please email

How long does it take to go through Animal Adventure Park?

Typically, an express tour of Animal Adventure Park takes about 45 minutes. Each visit may vary in time based on how quickly you are able to observe the animals and information provided by their knowledgeable staff.

Can I hold animals at Animal Adventure Park?

At Animal Adventure Park they encourage you to interact with our animals! However, the decision to pick up an animal is at the sole discretion of their trainer. Some animals are not comfortable being held while others do love a good cuddle every now and again!

Is smoking permitted at Animal Adventure Park?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within Animal Adventure Park property, but guests may step outside to have a cigarette.

Does Animal Adventure Park serve food?

Animal Adventure Park does not sell or serve any food options. Outside food is welcome within reason (no glass containers please). Please be mindful of food options for those with dietary restrictions.

Does Animal Adventure Park offer birthday parties?

Yes! They offer both full and half day rentals which include exclusive access to the park. The Safari Cafe also provides catering options that can be tailored to your specific needs. They work closely with their preferred vendors who provide exceptional service at an affordable rate. Parties can be booked in advance by calling 607-693-2000.

What are the feeding times for animals at Animal Adventure Park?

The times of the scheduled feedings change daily and are subject to change. Please check their Facebook for updated times each day. Check out the latest video of some of your favorite Animal Adventure Park friends at!

Do Animal Adventure Park offer group rates?

Yes, they certainly do! Their trained staff can help plan an experience that is perfect for your group. Group tours are available for school groups, scouts, senior communities and more! For group rates please contact Animal Adventure Park at 607-693-2000.

How many giraffes are at Animal Adventure Park??

Currently there are four giraffes at Animal Adventure Park. April, Oliver and their daughter Tajiri along with the zoo’s newest addition, baby Asali. Asali was born January 8th, 2017 and has just started to venture outside on her own.

Tajiri gave birth Saturday morning, April 15th at around 10:50am. Animal Adventure Park sent out numerous live streams during the event which we have embedded below for your convenience.

Can I take a train from NYC to Animal Adventure park?

Unfortunately, Animal Adventure Park does not offer a train from NYC. However, many groups do choose to make the four hour trip by bus which offers a more affordable option.

What forms of payment does Animal Adventure Park accept?

Animal Adventure Park accepts all major credit cards as well as cash and checks. They also now offer invoicing as a payment option.

Are there gift certificates available at Animal Adventure Park?

Animal Adventure Park does offer gift certificates for any occasion, however they currently do not have an online store to purchase them from. In the meantime, please feel free to contact their office directly by calling 607-693-2000 or emailing to purchase them over the phone.

When is the best time of day to see baby Asali in Animal Adventure Park?

Typically morning tends to be a great time for viewing Asali as she begins her day with mom, Tajiri! She typically spends her mornings outside exploring and taking in all that her new world has brought. Asali has already captured the hearts of many and her journey is just getting started!

What kind of food does Animal Adventure Park offer?

Animal Adventure Park has a diverse menu that includes both typical zoo food options as well as local, seasonal produce. The Safari Cafe is the main restaurant at the park and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also numerous concession stands throughout the park that offer a variety of snacks for guests including soft serve ice cream treats to sugary delights!

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