Canyoning Adventure

What is a canyoning adventure tour?

Canyoning is an outdoor adventure sport, which involves hiking, rappelling/abseiling and swimming in the wilderness.


When you do a canyoning adventure tour, you explore canyons by traversing them along their natural water courses. You use a variety of techniques depending on the nature of the canyon including abseiling, scrambling and climbing.


What to expect from a canyoning adventure tour?

A canyoning adventure tour will involve hiking between 12 – 20 kilometers most days with your biggest challenge being wading in waist-deep water for 5km. If you are not physically fit this activity may not suitable for you.

Why do people go canyoning?

People enjoy this activity for a variety of reasons. You can experience nature and learn about the flora and fauna that live in the area, have fun with your friends or family, get fit by hiking during the day and abseiling/rappelling at night.

What do you wear for canyoning?

We recommend wearing quick dry clothes and swimwear. You will also need closed-in shoes, a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent.

How do you do canyoning?

Before you can begin your day of canyoning you will need to complete a short orientation workshop. Here the guides will run through all the equipment you need and how to use it, so they are confident you know what to do.

What is canyoning in Australia?

Most canyoning tours in Australia are done near the Blue Mountains and the Grampians. Canyons there range from multi-day trips to day trips. Single, or multi –day adventures start with a short hike to reach the canyon and you will be required to abseil/rappel down waterfalls and scramble along rock ledges. As you progress down the canyon there are more opportunities to swim, jump and slide.

What is canyoning in Blue Mountains?

Canyoning tours with Blue Mountains is an ideal way to explore the fantastic natural features of this part of New South Wales. People travelling on a tight schedule will appreciate the variety and convenience offered by our day trips which combine hiking, swimming and abseiling but we also offer multi-day adventure tours for those who want more time to discover the

What does canyoning mean?

Canyoning is an adventure sport, which involves hiking, rappelling/abseiling and swimming in the wilderness.

How do you say canyoning?

Most people say canyoning as “can – yun – ing”.

How many canyons are in the Blue Mountains?

There are many canyons in the Blue Mountains. For example, Bells Line of Road has several popular canyons such as Valley of the Waters and Paupers Pass. Other popular locations include Katoomba and Mount Victoria.

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