Outdoor Fitness

Today outdoor fitness is very popular.

Everyone loves to be fit and healthy, because it’s a proof of good living.


This article will show you several exercises that you can do in the open air.

Outdoor Fitness

First one: press-ups

You need to lay down on your stomach and stretch your arms straight forward. After this you should bend your arms and do the motion of pushing yourself up. After this you should bend your arms back without touching the ground. Do as many repetitions as it’s possible for you, but remember about using your muscles, not your body weight.

This exercise is very effective because you are at first bending only one arm, then other arm and then legs. This exercise is great for your arms, shoulders, chest and abs.

Second one: the bicycle.

To do this exercise you need to lay down on your stomach and stretch your legs straight forward. Raise your legs up with bending them in knees and begin rotating both of them like you are riding a bicycle fastly. Do as many repetitions as it’s possible for you, but remember about using your muscles, not your body weight.

This exercise is very effective because you are at first bending only one leg, then other leg; then both together; then putting the opposite knee to the floor; then putting the same knee to the floor (like pedaling). This exercise is great for your abs butt muscles.

Third one: crunches.

Lay down on a grass or sand and stretch your legs straight forward. Raise your legs up so you were able to grab them with your hands behind your knees. Make a circular motion with abs, raising your body from the ground like it’s shown in the picture above. Put yourself back at first slowly and then faster and faster (and also deeper).

This exercise is very effective because it makes you do more repetitions than other exercises; at same time, this exercise works especially for oblique abdominals muscles. And finally: First few days of exercising outdoors can be pretty hard: muscles will hurt, but after one week- two weeks of exercising you’ll get used to it and feeling good is guaranteed!

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Examples

Outdoor fitness is becoming more and more popular with time. A few decades ago you would have to be a triathlon or marathon runner to get your exercise in without being inside on machines that are pumped with electricity. Nowadays, one can have the same experience outdoors minus the large membership fees! The following list of workout equipment below will help you find unique ways to stay fit even when you are away from the gym!


A daily bike ride is a great way to get fresh air, but it doesn’t challenge your body enough. Try one of these outdoor exercises on your next biking adventure:

  • Rowing bike : this bike allows you to row with both arms which challenges each arm individually.
  • Outdoor elliptical : this is very similar to the indoor version, but instead of gliding on a machine you are jogging or quick stepping.
  • Recumbent bike: this is another great way to burn calories and get your cardio in as well as tone your hamstrings and thigh muscles.


  • Tree climbers : this machine allows you to mimic mountain climbing indoors.
  • Outdoor elliptical : like the recumbent bike, this is another great way to burn calories and get your cardio in as well as tone your hamstrings and thigh muscles.
  • Outdoor stationary bike: Like the rowing machine, you can use both arms to mimic road biking. In addition, the bicycle can also be used as a traditional stationary bike on pavement or a walkway!


  • Swing : These are great for cardio and strength training. Swing these with both arms to work your upper body or just use one arm at a time to target that specific muscle group.
  • Clean and press : If you don’t have a kettlebell, no problem! Use any bag of heavy soup or beans as an alternative.
  • Goblet squat : This is very similar to the KB swing, but squats are used instead to help tone your legs and glute muscles.

Medicine ball

  • Russian twist: use this tool for resistance training of your core muscles.
  • Medicine ball slams: use this to tone your arms, back and shoulders.
  • Chest pass : Use this to work your chest, abs, back, arms and legs!

Sand Bags

  • Sandbag walking lunges : these are great for toning the lower body, especially the quads.
  • Sandbag shoulder squats : this will burn your legs quickly. If you want to tone that butt too, try it doing donkey kicks (lunges with one leg elevated)
  • Sandbag carries: use both hands and carry it for time to help build endurance and work your chest muscles.

Kettlebell Alternatives

If you feel like kettlebell workouts are very expensive, try alternatives such as free weights or weighted bags. Try this workout on for size:

  • Walking lunges with dumbbells: use resistance to tone and sculpt the legs and glutes while also helping improve your balance and coordination.
  • One arm rows: use a dumbbell and perform the same exercise that you would do with a rowing machine; however, not having an actual machine will keep your midsection engaged throughout the movement.
  • Handstand pushups : if you have no access to weights or machines, try balancing on your hands against a wall to work out your upper body! This is great because it build up strength in areas that weight machines can’t reach.
  • Lunges with one leg elevated: use a weighted bag and perform this to tone your legs, glutes and abs!

Sandbag alternatives

Free weights or bags of beans or rice are great alternatives for sandbags! Try these workouts on for size:

Standing rows : if you have access to free weights, this is a great way to work out your shoulders, biceps and back muscles all at once. If you do not, try using a heavy bag to see the same results.

  • One arm swings : this will work shoulder strength as well as give the body a workout so that it becomes balanced. If you feel like going high intensity try doing donkey kicks with one leg elevated while you are doing this.
  • Squats with the bag held overhead : this is great for toning your legs and glutes. It’s also a good way to help improve your coordination because you will not be able to see yourself in a mirror while performing it.
  • Walk outs : this exercise will work the entire body, but mainly targets the legs and abs! Just grab two bags of rice or beans, put them on the ground, kneel down between them and walk out as if you were making an angel imprint in snow. Then start crawling back towards your bags. Once at the bottom, walk your hands back up towards your feet until you are standing again. Do this five times!

Tip: make sure that when you first start training with sandbags, you start light because it is one of the most physically demanding workouts out there.

Close grip pull-ups

These are great if you want to tone your triceps quickly. Here’s how they are performed:

  • Start off by grabbing onto a pull up bar with an overhand grip so that the backs of your hands and wrists are facing you. Your arms should be shoulder width apart and make sure to keep your core engaged throughout the movement!
  • Using only your arms and back (not your legs), try pulling yourself up towards the bar as high as you can go without twisting or leaning forward. Slowly lower yourself down again until your arms touch your torso and repeat for reps! If this is too easy for you, use a chair to help support your legs.
  • If this is still too easy for you, try doing it with one arm at a time! If you’re super tough, try taking the bar down and holding yourself up there for 45 seconds (or more)! Make sure not to slam your body down on the floor once done because it will put unnecessary pressure onto your joints. This move can be very difficult so make sure that if you feel like stopping mid way through, don’t feel bad!

Tip: Keep in mind that this workout can be used as part of a circuit or just by itself. If you are planning on using it alone then keep your reps around 4-6 per set. You want to get strong but not fatigued.

Close grip pull-ups (one arm at a time) will help you tone your arms in no time! For an added workout, add these 3 exercises to the end of your workout:

  • Push ups
  • Tricep dips with one leg elevated  (if this is too hard, try putting both feet on the same chair and only using one arm for balance)
  • Crunches: target your core and get stronger all at once by adding these crunches into your workout! 
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