Canyons Mountain Biking

Canyons Mountain Biking is the newest addition to Summit’s exciting recreation program. Beginning in late summer 2002, you’ll be able to ride your mountain bike down three major trails at Canyons Resort.

Mountain Biking

The Eagle Express high-speed quad lift will take you up 2,000 vertical feet for an incredible downhill ride on one of three trails:

  • Monk’s Trail (2.5 miles),
  • North 40 (4 miles)
  • or the brand-new South 40 (3.5 miles).


The average grade on these trails is 23 percent. You’ll encounter both narrow singletrack and wider, banked curves that are perfect for high speeds–up to 30 mph! Summit’s trail crew has spent countless hours building these trails. Keith Miller, director of mountain operations, notes that the trails are “wild.”

“There’s plenty of exposure on all three rides,” he says.

Canyons Resort also has four miles of natural-surface cross-country ski trails that can be enjoyed by both skiers and bikers during the summer months (weather permitting). The entire trail system can be accessed by the Eagle Express high-speed quad lift.

Daily trail fees are $29 per person–or you can purchase an all-day pass for $36 per bike. Helmets are required, and you must be at least 12 years old to ride these trails (younger riders will need to ride with a parent). All riders are required to sign the Canyons Mountain Bike Waiver of Release before getting on the lift.

Mountain Bikers Adventure Co. has scheduled group rides each morning on the two-hour “Monk’s” trip. You can sign up at the Adventure Center in Village Center or just meet them there the day of your ride

The new Canyons Bike Shop is located in Village Center and features rentals, lessons, challenges and much more. For more information on Canyons Mountain Biking, visit the Adventure Center

The new trails at Canyons Resort are accessed by the Eagle Express high-speed quad lift in Village Center. You can rent a bike at the Bike Shop located in Village Center or choose from a wide selection of new and demo bikes available for purchase at the Bike Shop.

How many mountain bike trails are in Utah?

Utah has over 3,000 miles of single-track trails and hundreds more miles of other multi-use trails.

The Canyons Mountain Biking is a four mile down hill mountain biking trail at the canyons resort in Utah.

Is canyons in Utah good for mountain biking?

Yes, the Canyons Mountain Biking is good for mountain biking. You can purchase a lift ticket or you can pay per ride.

How long are the mountain bike trails at canyons?

All three down hill mountain biking trails are different lengths. The shortest trail, Monk’s Trail, is two and a half miles long. The longest trail, South 40, is three and a half miles long.

Is there mountain biking at canyons?

Yes, the Canyons Mountain Biking offers downhill trails for all different skill levels. You can purchase a single ride ticket to take one of three different trails depending on your skills or you can purchase an all day lift ticket for more riding time.

Is there a course map for the trails at canyons?

There are no official course maps but most trails have a sign posted by the beginning of the trail that has a description of the trail.

How much does it cost to ride canyons mountain biking?

It costs $29 per person for an all day pass, or you can pay $8 for single rides on any one of their trails.

What is the best time of year to go mountain biking at canyons?

The best time of year to go mountain biking at Canyons Resort is during the summer months when you can ride uphill on their cross country ski trails.

Where do I park to ride canyons mountain biking?

Parking for canyons mountain biking is located in Village Center. You should park by the Eagle Express chairlift to avoid being charged for parking.

Who operates the Canyons Mountain Biking trails?

The Canyons Resort is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their downhill mountain biking trails.

Is there a shuttle to canyons mountain biking?

No, there is no shuttle to canyons mountain biking. You have to park in Village Center and ride the Eagle Express chairlift up the mountain.

What brand are the bikes at Canyons Resort?

The bikes at Canyons Resort are all different brands depending on whether you choose to purchase or rent. They do offer demo bikes for purchase.

What is the elevation of canyons mountain biking trails?

The Monk’s Trail has an elevation of 7,500 feet and the South 40 Trail has an elevation of 8,000 feet.

What state has the best canyons mountain biking?

Utah is known nationally for its mountain biking trails and has over 3,000 miles of single-track trails.

What makes canyons mountain biking challenging?

Canyons Resort offers a wide range of skill levels from beginner to advanced down hill trails. All three downhill trails are different lengths and difficulty levels.

Where are the best canyons mountain bike trails in the world?

Utah is home to over 3,000 miles of single-track trails and there are more than 500 miles of double and single track trails at Wasatch Mountain State Park.

What is the hardest canyons mountain bike trail in the world?

The hardest canyons mountain bike trail in the world is South 40. This trail features jumps, rocks and other obstacles for an advanced rider.

What are your best speeds on canyons mountain biking?

On Monk’s Trail or Jack Rabbit you should be able to get up to around 20mph, while on South 40 you should be able to get up to around 25mph.

How long does it take to hike a bike down canyons mountain biking trails?

All three downhill trails have different levels of difficulty. It will take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes at the least, depending on your level of skill and familiarity with mountain biking.

What are the best canyons mountain biking trails for beginners?

The South 40 trail is considered an advanced trail but should still be manageable for beginner riders. The Jack Rabbit trail is also good for beginning riders.

What are some must have gear items for Canyons Mountain Biking?

A helmet is the most important gear item you should bring to Canyons Mountain Biking. You should also bring extra tubes, a patch kit and tire changing tools if necessary.

What kind of bike do I need for canyons mountain biking?

You can ride any kind of bike to go downhill at Canyons Resort but the trails are best suited to downhill bikes that have between 100mm and 120mm of suspension.  

What is the minimum age for canyons mountain biking?

There is no minimum age to go riding at Canyons Resort but parents should keep in mind that kids aged five or six years old are usually not large or strong enough to ride on some of the more advanced trails.

When is the best time to ski canyons mountain biking?

The best times to go skiing at Canyons Resort are during the summer months when you can ride back up on their cross country ski trails after you reach the bottom of the mountain.

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