Green Mountain Metal Detecting Club

The Green Mountain Metal Detecting Club is a group of metal detecting enthusiasts based out of New Hampshire, but active throughout New England. They are currently celebrating our 26th year as an active club! Membership includes entry to our finds library, access to our chat room and forums, participation in local meets, discounts on finds events and more! Membership is open to anyone with an interest in metal detecting. They meet monthly at various locations throughout New Hampshire.

Membership fees are only $25.00 a year and new members receive their first month free!


If you’re looking for an enthusiastic and active detecting club, come join the GMMDC!

What are the rules of green mountain metal detecting club?

  1. In order to keep the club as a whole, you must always ask permission from the land owner before entering their property.
  2. You should also notify other members of where you plan on detecting so they can join in if desired.
  3. Be respectful of private and public property and any rules or regulations that may apply.
  4. Please pick up trash left by others if you happen to find any.
  5. No trespassing is allowed, and this includes properties that may not be posted or marked with signs.
  6. You must always use your own recovery holes when searching for items unless the property owner has given you express permission to do otherwise.
  7. Do not leave the recovery holes until you fill them back up with dirt and brush any spoil piles down to finished grade.
  8. Always fill your own holes after the end of an hunt, don’t ask someone else to do it for you.
  9. Use a digging tool that is shaped or pointed as this will help prevent unnecessary damage to the surrounding landscape as well as making it easier to fill back in your own holes.
  10. Metal detecting should be done for recreation purposes only and should not be done on a professional basis, meaning that you should never attempt to use your hobby to make money of any kind.
  11. For safety purposes you should stay within the limits of your knowledge and abilities. You agree to hold the GM Metal Detecting Club and its members completely free from any and all liability arising from, or related to your participation in this hobby.
  12. You also agree not to sell or distribute any information about you obtained while metal detecting. If someone asks where you found an item just say “I don’t remember” if you can’t honestly state that you don’t remember where you found it then don’t tell them.
  13. Never metal detect in a cemetery where there may be human remains without getting permission from them or someone that has permission to do so.
  14. Responsible detectorists practice their hobby with respect to the rightful owners of the land and their privacy. For example, you should not:
    1. Enter onto land or into water when it is clearly marked NO TRESPASSING.
    2. Use your metal detector on someone else’s land without their permission.
    3. Ask for permission to enter someone’s land, ask them how they would like you to go about this? Do not tell them that you are a member of the green mountain metal detecting club beforehand.
  15. Do not destroy property by metal detecting on it. For example, do not dig up fire hydrants without permission from the city that owns it first. Do not destroy stone walls and fences without permission from whoever owns them first.
  16. Do not take items out of the ground, this includes trash. Leave it in place and take a photograph of it if you don’t already have one. Take note that there is a law against treasure hunting for profit in NH, so keep your finds to yourself.
  17. A true metal detecting enthusiast will always be ethical with their hobby. Always do the right thing for both yourself, your family and your detectorist friends.
  18. You are responsible for learning the laws that affect you where you live, play, travel and detect.
  19. Do not alter or modify any article of personal property to gain an advantage over others.
  20. Do not alter or counterfeit any coins or artifacts to make them appear older or of more value than they are.
  21. Do not steal from others by metal detecting on their land without permission first, this is called trespassing and it’s against the law in some places.
  22. Being honest with yourself and everyone else is the best way to go.
  23. Treat other detectorists and the places you hunt with respect, we are all in this together!
  24. Always clean up after yourself and leave the area better than when you found it.
  25. Have fun and enjoy your hobby!
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