How to Start Running – All You Have To Know

Running remains one of the best ways to keep fit. Not only are you affected physically, but you can also form new bonds with others, improving your social network. If you would like to take up running into your fitness routine or as a hobby, there is a list of things you must know.

action, athletes, competition - running
action, athletes, competition – running

It all begins with your mindset.


Running is not easy for beginners and will require discipline and determination to be consistent.

Stay true to yourself about your limits; you do not have to compare yourself to someone else.

Identify your goals for this new activity and get ready to extend your limits.

How to running

The following tips will help you start your running journey.

Start Walking:

If you run for the first time, you should start adjusting to the routine by walking. Running is fast walking. By walking briskly, you build consistency. A stationary bike is a worthy alternative.

Get good running shoes:

Your running shoes should be carefully selected. Get comfy shoes a half size larger than yours. Choose a breathable pair made with polyester or nylon mesh. Also, select running socks which help prevent blisters and are mostly made of polyester or acrylic.

Get comfortable running wear:

The goal is to select an outfit that keeps you dry in cold and hot conditions and ensures proper ventilation of your body. Your gear should be made up of a pair of joggers (for warm-ups), shorts or tights, and a singlet or sports bra (for women).

Set up your running routine:

When setting your routine, decide which days are best for training. (Three days a week is just fine). Your off days will be dedicated to cross-training and total rest. While you can have your coach or gym instructor form your running plan, here is an essential routine you can follow:

  • Warm-up: For starters, your routine should always start with warm-ups. Warm-ups get your muscles ready for action. This includes donkey kicks, twists, and lunges, among others. You could also walk for 10 minutes. You also have to warm up after running. This is where stretches come in.
  • Walk and Run: Walk for 20-30 minutes. This could be interchanged with running at intervals, and the time will be increased subsequently.

Proper Posture for running

It is vital to keep a proper posture while running. This will require constant practice before you get accustomed. Maintain an proper running posture by:

  • Stand erect with your head lifted and shoulders relaxed and leveled.
  • Keep your back straight, and do not lean on your waist.
  • Keep your eyes focused ahead.
  • Relax your hands. Do not fist them.
  • Swing your arms from the shoulder joint.

Correct yourself if you notice slouching, bending at your waist, or not observing the proper posture.


Running is a fun activity that benefits you; physically, mentally, and socially. You can join a club that you can run with to enjoy running better.

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