Richardson Corn Maze Offers a New Scare

As Halloween approaches it seems that more and more people are getting in the spirit of things. Some people love to carve pumpkins, decorate their house, or even make their own costumes. However some people want a different kind of thrilling experience for this spooky holiday. That’s why you better heading over to Richardson Corn Maze!

The mile long path through the corn maze has been decorated with terrifying props, sounds, and even smells! You’ll see all sorts of movie monsters hiding in the tall stalks. Of course you’ll also have to watch out for a few real life monsters lurking around too!


Best of all is that this year you won’t be going through the maze alone! A few survivors of Final Destination will be walking you through the corn maze while trying their best to not become your final destination. Don’t worry if these daring people make it out alive, they’ll be back next year and probably even tougher and braver than before!

Richardson Hemp Farm is located at 487 North US Route One, just west of the Richardson Farmhouse. They are open Wednesday through Sunday, with our last admission coming at 8 pm sharp. It’s $20 for adults, $15 for children 10 and under, and free for those who are too young to be scared!

It’s that time of year again. The time when the corn fields are tall and ripe for the scaring. That’s right – it’s time for Richardson Maze!

Corn Farm
Corn Farm

People from around the community have been making their way through the labyrinth of pathways all month long to test their mettle against an ever-changing maze of corn.

“It’s a family tradition,” said one parent about why they came to the maze. “The kids love it and we’ve been coming here for years!”

This year, Richardson Maze has added some new challenges to their current maze design. If guests make it through the maze in under sixty minutes, they get a free picture on the official “survivor wall.”

Not all guests have been able to complete this mission, but that hasn’t stopped them from coming back.

“Last year we were in there for over three hours,” said another parent, “and I just couldn’t get my kids out of there! They had so much fun. We came back a couple days later and did it again. That time we only took two hours.”

It seems that Richardson Maze has been a growing tradition for many families through the years. “We’ve been coming here since I was five,” said one of the participants, “And now my kids are coming too! It’s a great bonding experience!”

Is the Richardson Corn maze really that good?

“Oh absolutely,” said one man, “It’s the best maze around! It changes every year so it never gets old!”

Just remember – if you’re scared of corn mazes, this might not be the place for you. However, if you’re looking for a fun tradition to start with your family or a challenge to test your mettle, head over to Richardson Maze.

Richardson Corn Maze offers a scary maze for those brave enough to enter it. People from all around the community have been going through the maze during September and now October as part of a family tradition or as a test of their skills against ever-changing pathways. .

If you make it through the maze in under one hour, you can get your picture on the official “survivor wall.”

Many families have been coming for years. The maze has changed every year so that it doesn’t get old.

The Corn Maze is definitely scary but if you are ready to go then head over to Richardson Corn Maze.

Who doesn’t love a good scare? Especially when it’s appropriate for all ages. Richardson Corn Maze is the best maze around and that people come back year after year to take on the challenge. It can be scary but if you want something fun for yourself or your family then head over there and enjoy the maze.

When you head over to Richardson Corn Maze make sure that you can handle a scary and fun time because it’s definitely not for everyone. The good news is that people come back every year! So if you’re looking for something scary then this is where it’s at! Don’t miss this opportunity this year!

Richardson Corn Maze offers a new scare to the community. The maze is constantly changing so that it doesn’t get old and people have been coming back year after year to take on the challenge. Make sure if you are going this year that you can handle a little bit of scary but overall it’s a lot of fun!

Richardson Corn Maze is one of those places that once you go, you return year after year. It’s the best maze around and it never gets old because it changes every year so that people can play on something new. If you think you have what it takes to take on the maze this year then check out their website for more information!

This maze changes its design every year so that it doesn’t get old. Now, they have added a new feature where if you make it through the maze in under one hour, your picture goes on the official “survivor wall.” Many people have gone back to take on the challenge of this wall and come out successful!

For those of you who are looking for a way to make some new family memories, this is definitely the place. The Corn Maze offers a scary maze for those who are brave enough. It’s not recommended for small children but if you think your kids can handle it then come on out and have a fun time!

This corn maze will be talked about by many families for years to come. It’s a test of skills and it changes every year so that even if you’ve been before, coming back is still exciting! If you’re looking for something fun to do this October then be sure that you check out the website because there are only three weeks left until Halloween!

Richardson Corn Maze is now open for under one hour of play time. This year it is now easy to prove your skills so come out and see if you can make it through in under an hour! Don’t worry too much about the scare factor because it’s not as scary this year so give it a go!

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