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Top Sailing is a game about sailing… the top sail, that is. You are given three ships, and you must guide them around an island to collect the letters P-A-I-N (no I’m not kidding). The catch? They all move at different speeds! If one of your ships makes it back to where you started before another ship makes it to an anchor, you lose.

To play the game, move the mouse around the screen (without clicking). The ships will follow. Try to collect all of the letters (no more than one ship at a time) and anchors before being beaten by your opponents.


Good luck!

Top Sailing - sunset

All pieces of the same color must be connected to one another.

1 Anchor = One ship can collect it

2 Anchors = Two ships can collect it at the same time

3 Anchors = Three ships can collect it at the same time

4 Anchors = All three ships can collect it together (Perfect Bonus)

Lose if:

A ship touches another ship on the map.

All ships make it back to their starting points before all letters and anchors are collected.

Perfect Bonus:

If a ship lands on an anchor link on the map before another player’s ships, all of that player’s ships will receive a speed boost. Perfect Bonuses are a good way to catch up if you fall behind!

The more anchors you pick up with one ship, the longer the Perfect Bonus is active. An anchor link is broken by touching it with a ship.

If you want to make the game longer, decrease the time in the settings menu.

There are 3 different ships, each with their own speed. Try to use them all!

Sailing past an anchor will break that link on the map. Use it to your advantage!

Sailing past a letter will remove it from the board. If you miss one, start over!

P – The orange ship is the fastest. Use him to collect anchors and letters first!

A – The green boat is second-fastest. He’s good for catching up if someone falls behind!

I – The slowest of all, but can carry two anchors at once. He’s perfect for Perfect Bonuses!

N – Get it to win! (You can also win if your opponents don’t make it back to their starting point before you do.)

Settings Menu:

Time = How long the game lasts. Set it higher for a longer game, or lower for an intense experience.

Players = How many ships there are to control at once. Set it lower for an easier game, or higher for a more difficult one.

Language = Change the language in which Top Sailing is displayed. Currently only English has been added; if you would like to help translate the game into your native tongue, please contact me!

The idea behind Top Sailing is that it’s simple and intuitive enough for anyone to play but still has the competitive nature of multiplayer games so players are able to get really into it! I started working on this game in an attempt to learn C#, and after playing with the concepts for a while I decided they would fit well together in a game.

Where can I buy a “Top Sail” boat?

The best place to buy a top sail boat is on and ebay. com , but they are also available from other online retailers. A top sail boat has a large fan-like apparatus on the back of it, which allows it to “float” above the water (you’ll see what I mean when you play the game

What do I need to go Top sailing?

Top sailing is a lot like actual sailing and doesn’t need much! All you need to play on land (well, you don’t NEED anything but it’s more fun that way) is: one person, two chairs of equal height or some books under one of the chairs so it’s high enough, and smooth ground. If you’re playing on a boat, you’ll need: someone to steer and operate the throttle, two sails (the fan-like apparatus), and wind.

What do I do in Top Sailing?

In Top Sailing you control three ships that race to pick up letters and anchors in order to win. On your turn, use the mouse to move a ship to pick up a letter or anchor. If you miss one, start over! When your turn is over, two new ships will appear at the starting points. Play continues until all of the letters and anchors have been collected or time runs out (determined in settings).

How do I play Top Sailing?

To play Top Sailing, you need to know the controls. In the settings menu, you can change them if they aren’t comfortable for you! Controls:

  • Moves ship. Click and drag to move the ships. The longer you hold it down, the faster a ship will go! When a ship has a letter or anchor, it will follow your cursor around until you release it!
  • Changes camera angle. Click and drag to move the camera around.
  • Change the language in which Top Sailing is displayed. Currently only English has been added; if you would like to help translate the game into your native tongue, please contact me!

What’s going on in Top Sailing?

In Top Sailing, you control three ships at once. You have to collect letters and anchors to win the game, but be careful! If you miss one, everyone starts over! The longer you play, the harder it gets. As time gets lower, more ships will appear on the screen.

What should I know before top sailing?

Top sailing is easy to learn but difficult to master! I suggest you play a few times before judging it, and also try the different settings. The controls are listed in the “How do I play Top Sailing” section above.

While playing, remember that each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses! Gather these quickly so you can use them to your advantage!

Tips: Use the mouse or touchpad while playing to control it with greater precision, and use the 1 and 2 keys (and 3 and 4) for players one and two respectively. Some ships can dodge certain obstacles better than others; try different strategies and see if they work for you! When the sun sets in the game, it actually gets faster! Use this to your advantage by picking up letter and anchors more quickly

Can I play Top Sailing online?

Yes! You can connect to other players through Steam or LAN. You do not need players on the same computer as you in order to play.

What are the requirements to play Top Sailing?

You will need: Windows 7 SP1+, Intel HD Graphics 4000 (or equivalent) graphics card, 4GB RAM, and a mouse or touchpad. You may also need administrative rights on your computer!

How does Top Sailing work?

When you open the game, it will first load any saved games. Once that is done, it will ask for administrative rights to change the language and check for updates. If you do not allow it access to these things, they cannot be changed and some parts of the game may not work!

What are the controls in Top Sailing?

You can change your controls under settings, but here is the default layout: W,A,S,D moves your ship up, left, down or right respectively. Mouse moves your ship around. Click and hold to move faster. The longer you hold it down, the faster you will go. R resets the game.

  • F starts the game in unfiltered mode (only letters are shown, with no obstructions or background).
  • M minimizes the game to your taskbar if it isn’t already there, and resumes it when you switch back to it. You can also leave Top Sailing while the game is minimized!

How does multiplayer work in Top Sailing?

Multiplayer works through Steam. You do not need to open Steam while playing, but it will need to be opened before you start your multiplayer session!

To play multiplayer, invite a friend by going to the Multiplayer menu and clicking Invite Friend. Enter their name in the blank box below and press OK. They will receive a notification that says you want to invite them to play Top Sailing. Once they accept, the game will open for you both!

You may also create a lobby by clicking Create Lobby and promoting it as Public or Private (by clicking Promote). Anyone who knows the game’s ID can join your game if your lobby is public. If it is private, people can join if they know your Steam name and the game’s ID.

How do I play Top Sailing?

You can find instructions on how to download and play below!

When you open the game, it asks for administrative rights before starting. If you do not allow it access to these things, certain parts of the game may not work!

To change your controls, go to the settings menu (the gear icon). To exit the game, click on R (for “Reset”). You can also press Escape.

How do I prepare myself for top sailing?

Remember that top sailing is a very different experience from your average word game! It requires quick thinking, practice and precision to win! Read the “How do I play” section above again if you need a refresher.

How do I win at Top Sailing?

The first player to reach 300 points wins! You can score points by reading words, but each letter has its own point value! An “H” is worth 2 points, an “E” is worth 1 point (for easy mode), and an “N” is worth 3 points. The more rare the letter, the higher its point value!

The game also has 4 different difficulties – easy mode (where the only letters are the “H”, “E”, and “N”), medium mode (with all of those plus an “S”), hard mode (with all of those plus an “A”), and expert mode (with all of those plus an “M”).

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