Trouts fly fishing

Trouts Fly Fishing is the Colorado fly fishing seller and outdoor store, with comprehensive fly shops in Denver, CO and Frisco, located in Colorado. They are an owner – operated business that operates in a way that breaks the mold of the conventional fly shop. They aspire to remove the barriers which have existed previously among fly shop workers and clients, ultimately attempting to create an environment that is welcoming to all fishers, whether novice or seasoned veteran. Every employee at Trouts Fly Fishing is a passionate angler who enjoys assisting others and sharing the joys of splurging a day on the water.

Trouts fly fishing
Trouts fly fishing

Anything you need for fly fishing


Trouts not only sells fly fishing equipment but also offers a variety of fly fishing courses, oriented trips, and target transport options. Trouts has greatly supported the Denver angling society for over fifteen years, establishing theirself as the go-to supplier for everything fly fishing. So, either you want to hire a guide for a day, take a course to broaden your fly fishing expertise, book that fantasy attraction fly fishing trip, or simply purchase some materials before your next trip, Trouts Fly Fishing is here to help.

Trouts’ Signature Rod Service (TSRS)

Trouts’ Signature Rod Service (TSRS) is a one-of-a-kind offering that represents two aspects: their trust in the rod makers they portray, and their dedication to providing high quality devices and facility to each of their client.

Their return or exchange policy

When it comes to fly rods, the question isn’t “IF,” but “WHEN” or how many times. The Trouts Signature Rod Service guarantees that if your fresh fly rod shatters, they will insure the maintenance costs (including related shipping and handling charges). It’s their way of honoring you for buying a perfect, handmade fly rod made in the United States. It works like this: purchase any fly rod for $500 or more from them, however if it shatters, return back to them and they will send it back to the dealer for repair, covering all costs.

Fly fishing reels

Trouts sells fly fishing reels for all types of fishing, such as seawater fly reels, trout fly reels, and warm-water reels. Shop a wide range of fly fishing reels from top brands like Orvis, Nautilus Fly Reels, Sage Fly Fishing, Redington, Abel Reels, Ross Reels, Temple Fork Outfitters, and more.

Fly fishing waders

Waders are made to keep you warm and dry while paddling in a brook, river, or still water. The majority of the waders carried by Trouts Fly Fishing are chest high, but we also bring wading trousers and adjustable waders. Waders usually have a thick rubber stocking foot that implies the use of a wading shoes. Boot-foot waders, which several brands sell, are an outlier to this basic policy


They provide a wide range of clothing which includes Men’s wear, women’s clothes, hats, gloves, sun protection and wide range of footwear.

Other essentials

If you are looking for an extra gear, they have all other necessary items for fly fishing including, backpacks, vests, gear bags, and luggage.

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