Exploring the Different Ocean Shores Clam Digging Dates

From the beaches of eastern Maine to the shallow shores of Puget Sound, clam digging is a popular form of recreation and foraging for food for many coast-dwellers. But when is the best time to harvest clams from these sandy shores?


The Basics of Ocean Shores Clam Digging

Clams can be found along many ocean shores, often situated in muddy or sandy areas. Clams feed by filtering water to obtain food like plankton and bacteria, allowing them to grow while remaining quite immobile. As a result, they make great targets for clam diggers.

The Best Times to Go Clam Digging

The best times to go clam digging depend on the type of clams being harvested and the location. Commonly consumed types include littlenecks, razor clams, and Manila clams.


Littlenecks are small, hard clams found along the east coast from Maine to South Carolina. These clams burrow two to three feet underground and are best harvested from April through late fall.

Razor Clams

Razor clams are large, fat clams found along the west coast from British Columbia to Northern California. These clams live close to the surface of the sand and are best harvested from late winter through late summer.

Manila Clams

Manila clams are small, soft clams found mainly along the west coasts of North America and Europe. These clams live near the surface of the sand and are best harvested year round, with the peak harvesting period occurring from spring through fall.

Preparing to Go Clam Digging

The most important part of going clam digging is being prepared. Be sure to wear clothing that can get wet and muddy, as well as boots to help you navigate the muck. Bring along a bucket or bag, a trowel, and a knife to open the clams you find. It’s also a good idea to bring along a measuring tape or ruler to determine whether the clams are of legal size. Learning about the local regulations for harvesting clams is also essential for responsible foraging.

Exploring the Ocean Shores for Clam Digging Dates

Clam digging is a great way to get out in the sun and experience the beauty of the ocean shores. Knowing the best times for harvesting clams can help make your foraging expeditions successful and enjoyable. So put on your boots and grab your gear, and get exploring the ocean shores to find the perfect clam digging dates.

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