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Wildlife Safari Oregon is a zoological park in Winston, Oregon. It was established in 1972 and is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving endangered species, as well as providing a natural habitat for the animals it keeps.

The park consists of approximately 400 acres (1.6 km²) of land with several types of habitats including one large cat enclosure, a large brush enclosure with blackbuck antelope, a woodland enclosure for meerkats, and an open-range enclosure where the animals are rotated to different parts of the park. The park is open daily from March through October.


Since opening in 1972, Wildlife Safari has had many species that they have been able to breed successfully including leopards, giraffes, hippos, cheetahs, zebras, and tigers.

Wild Turkey in Wildlife Safari Oregon

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The zoo is divided into several major areas

Some of the animals that are exhibited at Wildlife Safari include African lions (both males and females), leopards (including black panthers), white rhinoceroses, okapi, hippopotamus, giraffes, zebras, American bison, Barbary sheep, cheetahs (including a rare white cheetah), and Siberian tigers. In addition the park has a variety of primates including rhesus macaques and chimpanzees.

The park has several different kinds of antelopes including East African dik-diks, gerenuks, North American pronghorns, impalas, scimitar-horned oryxes (which are the only animals in this species outside of Africa), and others which are rotated throughout the animal’s enclosures.

Wildlife Safari has been involved with conservation efforts. In 2003, the park pledged $1 to Cheetah Outreach for every person that visited their Cheetah Run attraction. The money was used to teach cheetahs how to adapt and live in the wild—to prepare them if they were ever released back into their natural habitats.

The Wildlife Safari also helps support the efforts of conservationists in the field. They work to preserve animals and habitats by taking part in animal release programs, public education, habitat restoration, wildlife surveys, anti-poaching patrols, research projects, eco tourism ventures that benefit local people, monetary donations to help save pandas, rhinos and other critically endangered species, and they support organizations like the International Primate Protection League.

How long does it take to go through Wildlife Safari Oregon?

On average, our guests spend at least four hours on the property. This time can be longer due to feeding times for the animals and long walks from one area to another. Please take into consideration travel time to and from the Wildlife Safari.

What are some things everyone must see on the tour in Wildlife Safari Oregon?

There are many great photo opportunities throughout the park. We recommend not bringing any large props with you on your visit, as they may block other guests’ views. We do allow smaller items though, for example a hat or sunglasses.

What types of payment are accepted at Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Cash is the preferred method of payment. Personal checks are accepted with proper identification ,as they do not accept credit cards.

What time of day is best for Wildlife Safari Oregon?

We have more animals out in the morning and early afternoon, so mornings are a great time to see the animals at their most active. On warm days many of our animals will be inactive until later in the afternoon. In addition, some species do not get out until around noon.

What are some things to do after Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Please consider visiting the Out’n About Treehouse Treesort, which is located next door to the Wildlife Safari. There are many attractions that are also located in the area including Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show, Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty, Pioneer Village Miniature Golf, Tanger Outlet Mall, and the Crater Lake Rim Drive.

What accommodations are available for people with disabilities in Wildlife Safari Oregon?

All of Wildlife Safari Oregon tours are wheelchair accessible. The paths have a rubber surface and are mostly flat. Some of the exhibits, such as our African Veldt, have steep hills and may not be accessible to people with disabilities. In addition some species are only viewable from a distance due to their natural habitat requirements. If you would like more information on accessibility please feel free to call at 541 .679.6761 and ask for a Guest Service Representative

Are there any jobs available at Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Yes! We are always looking for great people to join our team. Please come by and ask the front desk about the available positions we have.

Why should I choose Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Wildlife Safari is a unique and exciting tour in Southern Oregon. We provide up-close animal encounters, with close to 200 species roaming freely in their natural habitats. You will be able to get up close with the animals on our many tours.

Some animals may be substituted for others of equal or greater value and appearance.

Please note:

Wildlife Safari Oregon is now a member of the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF). The program is dedicated to the conservation, protection and responsible use of birds in sport as well as environmental education.

How can I contact Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Wildlife Safari Oregon does not regularly accept calls for tours or reservations . This is to ensure we provide the best service and experience for everyone that visits. Also, because of our schedule and nature of the tours, it would be very difficult to accommodate anyone on a walk-in basis.

Please visit at https://wildlifesafari.net/ to book your Wildlife Safari Oregon tour today!

Do they allow strollers in Wildlife Safari Oregon?

They allow standard sized strollers, but do not provide storage during your visit with us. We have a stroller rental available at the front desk for a small fee.

Do they allow bags in Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Yes, but only small bags are allowed. Do not bring anything that you do not need on the tour with you. We also ask that you leave your strollers outside of the tour area for safety reasons.

What if it rains Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Wildlife Safari Oregon will be closing their facilities in case of rain and lightning due to the close proximity of wildlife and guests . The safety of guests and the future of our wildlife collection is their priority.

Is there a chance to see animals at night at Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Yes! They have night tours available most nights of the week. Please contact Guest Services for more information about what times and tours are available.

What happens if there is wildlife at Wildlife Safari Oregon they do not approve of?

If they see any dangerous activity between guests and animals, they may remove that animal from the tour or facility. If they see any illegal or unsafe activity taking place by a guest, they may be asked to leave Wildlife Safari Oregon without refund.

Can I purchase souvenirs at Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Yes! You can purchase souvenirs, as well as food and beverages to enjoy during your tour at Wildlife Safari Oregon.

Does Wildlife Safari Oregon offer group rates?

Yes! They offer discounted rates for groups of 15 or more. You can also book a private tour for you and your family or friends by calling the facility directly. Please note there is not a group rate for night tours.

Can I bring my own camera Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Yes! You can bring your own camera at no extra charge, but they do ask that you leave it with the front desk during your tour if you do not want to carry it around.

What is Wildlife Safari Oregoncancellation policy?

Wildlife Safari Oregon requires 24 hours notice in case of tours or private group reservations. They also require a minimum of two guests to be present for the tour to take place.

What’s Wildlife Safari Oregon pet policy?

No pets allowed at Wildlife Safari Oregon. No exceptions, service animals included! Please respect this policy so we can continue providing the best experience possible for our guests.

What are Wildlife Safari Oregon admission fees?

Wildlife Safari Oregon offers many different tour packages at multiple prices depending on what you are looking for. Please visit their website to see what options are available during your travel dates.

Do they allow parties, private tours or events Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Yes! They can accommodate groups of over 100 people. You can also book a private tour for you and your family or friends by calling the facility directly. They offer seasonal tours that are not available to the public which allow you to see all of our animals closed quarters! Please call their Guest Services department at (541) 679-6761 ext. 411 for more information and to book your special event today!

Is there a weight limit of children allowed on tours at Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Yes, they recommend that all children under 48″ tall be accompanied by an adult. This is to ensure that everyone’s experience is the best it can be. All children under 16 must accompanied by an adult.

Is there a height limit for tours at Wildlife Safari Oregon?

No, as long as you are over 48″ you should be able to go on our tour comfortably. If you have any questions or concerns they encourage you to call and speak with one of our Guest Services Representatives.

What is the weather like Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Like most of the northwest, they have a moderate climate with mild winters and hot summers. Please check their website for a current weather forecast.

What is the temperature range of tours at Wildlife Safari Oregon?

During the winter months, tours are usually in the 50’s and 60’s. In the summer, they can be in the 100s! Plan accordingly with proper clothing and sunscreen to ensure a fun day at Wildlife Safari Oregon!

What is the age range of tours at Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Wildlife Safari Oregon offers tours for all ages. There are special family tours that are more suited for children 6-12, however there are also evening tours that are geared towards adults 21+.

Can I get to Wilderness Safari by public transportation?

No. They do not have anything available to the public, but they do partner with several local taxi and shuttle services so you can get there on your own!

Is there food available at Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Yes! They have a concession stand inspired by their sister park in Africa called, “The Mara”. The menu includes great Northwest classics like our famous tri-tip steak sandwiches and our specialty hand-cut truffle fries!

Can I purchase food at Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Yes, they encourage you to eat and drink before you arrive because there is not any available for purchase on site. All non-alcoholic beverages are permitted into the park. They do ask that anything with alcohol in it is disposed before entering the park.

Is photography allowed at Wildlife Safari Oregon?

Yes, they do allow photos to be taken but ask that you do not use a flash . This will ensure everyone has the best experience with the animals! They also have the right to ask you to stop taking photos if it interferes with someone else’s experience.

Can I bring my own food and drinks into Wildlife Safari Oregon?

No, you are not allowed to bring in your own food or drinks AT ALL! They have a great menu available with delicious food options for purchase.

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