Windsurfing Hood River

In Hood River, Oregon, you can look out onto the water on any given summer day and see dozens of explorers strewn over the Columbia River. The river is a center for water sports, including expert kayaking, slow paddle boarding, and jet ski racing.

Hood River
Hood River

The abundance of windsurfers is possibly the most common and visually appealing sight in this town, with one windsurfer after another attempting to capture a wake on what appears to be a board with a sail fastened to it. This small village is famous for something most people have never seen before. And it’s no coincidence that these windsurfing thrill-seekers got up here, dubbed the windsurfing center of the world.


Hood River is frequently congested, especially on weekends in the summer. We advise avoiding stress and visiting during less crowded periods, such as the middle of the week and early in the morning, to make the most of your trip.

Why is Windsurfing Hood River So Popular?

Windsurfing originated as a sport in the 1980s, intending to gain national traction. In practice, the sport has a few challenges, most notably wind storms and extreme temperatures; however, not in Hood River.

The wind comes with the sun because of the majestic Columbia Gorge in its front yard. Its rock walls rise 1,400 to 4,000 feet above the stream as it cuts through the Cascade Mountains. Wind travels through the canyon in the summer and into Hood River, making it a popular destination for windsurfers worldwide.

Hood River is the best location for windsurfers, regardless of ability level, and it’s still a draw for spectators who aren’t interested in taking up the sport.

Best season for Windsurfing Hood River

Locals frequently windsurf all year long, although June through September offers the most acceptable conditions. The gorge’s summertime air temperature ranges from 60 to 100 °F (15 to 38 °C). Water temperatures range from the lower 70s F (20s C) during August and September to roughly 50oF (10oC) in June.

Best Gear For Windsurfing Hood River

A wetsuit is needed to stay warm, depending on the season. Most sailors favor a 5:4 wetsuit with boots in the early season. By the end of the summer, some windsurfers choose a shorty or forgo a wetsuit entirely.

Best Spots For Windsurfing Hood River

The Hook

On the waterfront of Hood River stands “The Hook,” a protected area sheltered from strong wind as well as currents. This is a good learning area for new windsurfers due to its tranquil perimeter, allowing easy water starts.

The hatchery

The Hatchery, the most well-liked location on the Columbia for pros and experienced windsurfers, draws freestyle riders from all over the globe with its powerful western winds and large swells. Not a pretty top windsurfer yet? This is a terrific spot to go with friends and family to the neighboring fish hatchery and watch the pros windsurf.

Blackberry Beach

Blackberry Beach, the newest launch site in the gorge, is in Cascade Locks. It is an excellent location for intermediate riders and is ideal for east wind conditions.

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