10 Best Snowboarding Resorts In The World


10. GALA Y MONACO SPA, Pamporovo, Bulgaria

Gala Y Monaco is the largest Bulgarian ski resort with an Olympic Ski Stadium. Gala Y Monaco has 4-6 different slopes for beginners and many challenging tracks for pro riders too. Off-piste riding areas are also available in the area of Stoykite. All lifts at the resort are modern and well-maintained; 1 cable car, 10 chairlifts and 5 drag lifts will help you get back to the top in no time.


Snowboarding here is fun due to many different trails around, but be careful while riding because there are not too much obstacles like rails or boxes.

Snowboarding is available till 25th of March, but the season can be longer if there are enough snowfalls.

9. MT SNOW, Mount Hood, Oregon (USA)

Mount Snow is known for its pure snowness and having the longest ski & snowboard seasons in America! The resort has 3 separate areas for different skill levels and a very well groomed terrain. There is a wide range of trails for beginners to advance riders, but even the more experienced snowboarders will find some good runs on which they can improve their skills.

At Mt. Snow there are also many cool locations like the “Ice House” with over 100,000 sq ft of snowboard & ski shop, “The Rail Yard” with 3 different rails and 2 jumps which you can ride on around the entire mountain and “The Beach” with a 20-ft high snowboarding kicker ramp.

Snowboarding is available from 9th of November till 15th of April.


Mercedes Circuit Snow Park is situated at the Kollen Park in Great Britain. The resort has 4 lifts which are known for their fast speed. The snowboard park consists of many jumps, rails & boxes where riders can improve their skills and work on new tricks. Even though there are not too many obstacles, they are perfect for new riders to ride on and improve their skills.

At Mercedes Circuit Snow Park there is also a “Yard Sale” where you can test all the latest new snowboarding gear for free! The resort is open from 10th of December till 4th of April, but during that time it’s closed on Wednesdays.

7. GALA BRASOV, Romania

Galabrasov is another resort in Europe which has many slopes for beginners and also challenging tracks for advanced riders. The resort has 3 base areas which are connected with 6 high-capacity chairlifts & 1 surface lift. All lifts are modern and well maintained too, so you can enjoy fresh powder quickly and easily.

Snowboarding is available from 10th of December till the half of April, but Gala Brasov closes on Monday during that time.


The Villa La Angostura Snow Park is located in Bariloche in Argentina. The ski resort has 7 km red & blue runs for beginners and pro riders alike. There are also 3 black-down runs which are reserved only for experienced riders with valid permits, so if you go there you must hike to the top of the mountain on these trails first.

Villa La Angostura Snow Park has a wide range of cool obstacles like table tops, boxes & rails where you can practice your skills and improve them. The resort is open from the end of April till beginning of June.

5. PCMR SNOWBASIN PARK, Park City (Utah) (USA)

The Snowbasin at Pcmr in Utah has many riders of all different levels because there are 14 groomed trails on 16 acres. It’s situated not too far away from Salt Lake City so it’s easy to commute between the ski resort and the city after work. Even though there are no planned park features here, some snowboarders come with their own unique features which they bring with them on their trucks & boards!

Snowboarding is available till 21st of April, but the season can be longer if there are enough snowfalls.

4. SILVERSTAR SNOW PARK, British Columbia (Canada)

Silverstar Snow Park has 2 unique features which make it one of the best places to ride in Canada! The first is a super long box with 3 levels on it where you can work on your tricks and improve your skills even more after riding on other trails. The second feature is an 800 ft-long rail with 13 different angles to choose from so everyone can find their own sweet spot for practicing their skills & improving them.

There are also many blue slopes at Silverstar for beginner riders who want to learn how to use their boards properly and safely without falling too much or without getting too tired.

Snowboarding is available mid December till April and on Friday the resort is open until 8 pm.


The Chalet sur l’eau in France is a very unusual snow resort because it’s located not just on one mountain but on several mountains which are all connected through lifts and ski-lifts! It has over 130 acres of terrain & trails which you can enjoy riding on with your snowboard or ski equipment if you get bored of riding only on the marked trails at this resort.

The resort also offers many different activities like Ice Sculpting, Snow Train Rides, Ice Bowling and more! You can choose some amazing activities while you’re in the resort and after that you can rest your body on a comfortable sunbed while sipping wine!

Snowboarding is available from 25th of January till 26 March. Prices may increase on the weekends, so please check with their official website for more details.

2. ROLLERSTONE Park, United Kingdom

Rollerstone Park in the UK has many snowboarders each weekend because it’s located near to Birmingham which means there are many people living nearby who love snowboarding as much as you do! The lift at this resort is open 5 days during week & 11 days during weekends. There are over 50 trails at Rollerstone Park which are perfect for both beginner and pro riders. You can also enjoy tricks & jumps on the blue & red slopes if you try hard enough, but most riders love to go off-piste with their own unique features.

Snowboarding is available from 3rd of December till 27th March, so whenever you want to visit this amazing resort all year round, there will be some snow there for your board! Also please note that they offer several discounts throughout the year, so make sure to check out their website for more details.


The Snow Park Teleski in Austria is one of the best & biggest snowparks in Europe because it has an area of 22 acres which are full of trails for people who love both skateboarding and snowboarding! There are over 5 kilometers of trails between indoor and outdoor snowparks which can be amazing for both beginner and pro riders.

This resort is definitely one of the best because there are 2 different locations near to Graz & 1 location in St Marcus so you won’t have any problem finding this place!

Snowboarding is available from 8th December till 22nd April, so whenever you want to visit this amazing resort all year round, there will be some snow there for your board! Also please note that they offer several discounts throughout the year, so make sure to check out their website for more details.

Now that you know about 10 best snowboarding resorts in the world, it’s up to you whether or not to consider visiting these places when you’re thinking about your next holiday destination. Of course all of these resorts are located in different countries, so why not plan a whole holiday around visiting & riding in one or more of these amazing snowboarding spots?

Now that You Know About 10 Best Snowboarding Resorts In The World, What’s Your Next Step?

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