What to see and to do in Lillehammer Norway

Lillehammer or “Little Ice hammer” is situated 120 kilometres north of oslo. Lillehammer is the biggest city along the route between oslo and bergen, with pleasant summer climate this makes it a popular tourist destination. The town is famous for hosting the 1994 winter olympics, and for being the site of an event in the “harry potter” movies.

Skiing in Lillehammer Norway
Skiing in Lillehammer Norway

There are many attractions you can visit while touring around Lillehammer, some of them just a quick walk from town square. In addition to the great old railway museum nearby [and old train station], there is [also] a thriving ski jumping centre with its own hill and museum, as well as two museums – the “Lillehammer artmuseum” and the “håkon den godesgave museum” [the gift of håkon] – which tells you all about norway’s most famous kings.


The city has a good range of shopping, both in the center and in the north end at “torvet” [the square]. The large amusement park “gullgruven” is also located here.

The city is surrounded by forests, mountains and lakes, making it an excellent place for outdoor activities. You can fish, or go cycling around Lillehammer, or down to Lillehammerfjord, one of the best places in norway for canoeing. You can also take boat trips to gudbrandsjuvet [gudbrand’s gorge], where you get a great view over Lillehammer and the mountains in oslo county.

The area around Lillehammer is also known for its cultural life. There are many festivals in the summer, and several museums located here. The city is also home to an opera house which puts on plays all year round.

The most famous of the events taking place in Lillehammer is without doubt the winter olympics 1994, where scandinavia showed its fine architecture as well as hosting some great sport spectacles! In addition to the olympic park at kvitfjell [white mountain], there are also cultural forms of entertainment here.

Is Lilyhammer filmed in Lillehammer Norway?

The entire TV series of lilyhammer was shot in Lillehammer Norway. The restaraunt used as the base for the ficticious ‘florida lounge’ is located at torvet close to the tourist information center, and is called Torget Pizza. It’s a popular eating place among tourists visiting Lillehammer, so if you want to experience some of Lilyhammer then this is your chance!

What are the top attractions to visit in Lillehammer?

The best attractions in Lillehammer are the Olympic park from 1994 [with its ski jump and other sights from the olympics] at kvitfjell, as well as Lillehammer art museum. In addition you could try a trip to the top of Skrimfjellet [the shadow mountain], which has fantastic views over the town and surrounding area. Here you will find Norway’s highest memorial tower.

How long does it take to visit Lillehammer?

It takes between one and a half hours in good traffic conditions to drive from Oslo in rush hour. When leaving Oslo follow E6 northwards towards Trondheim for about 100km before heading east on highway 25 towards gjøvik/Hønefoss. As you approach gjøvik you will see signs for Lillehammer, just follow these roads to the municipality centre.

What are the best hotels in Lillehammer?

The best hotel in Lillehammer is probably the ibis styles hotel next to torvet shopping area. Another good place to stay is Clarion Collection Hotel Hammerget – which has a wonderful view over the city center, and the surrounding mountains including skrimfjellet. There are also several other large chain hotels located in central Lillehammer, all of which have very good facilities!

What are the best outdoor activities in Lillehammer?

The best outdoor activities in Lillehammer include fishing at Lillehammerfjord, boating on the waterfalls near Gudbrandsjuvet [gudbrand’s gorge], hiking around Skrimfjella and downhill skiing/snowboarding at Kvitfjell. In the winter you can also go dogsledding with an experienced guide and dogs near Fåberg – it’s really a great experience!

Do I need a car to visit Lillehammer?

It is difficult to tour around the area without your own transportation as public transport is very limited outside of town. Hiring a car in Oslo or using cabs is probably your best bet if you want to see as much as possible during your stay here.

What is there to do in Lillehammer at night?

There are plenty of things to do in Lillehammer at night, especially during the winter months when it stays dark for most of the day. You can head into town and go for dinner and a drink at one of the bars or restaurants near torvet shopping area, before going on to see a play or concert at Lillehammer opera house. Or you could visit the cinema which is located next to this theatre! Also don’t miss out on Lillehammerfjord which offers several opportunities after dark, especially during summer months!

City Tours in Lillehammer

Are there any city tours in Lillehammer?

For those interested in culture and history, a good tour to do is the one called ’til villmarkens ende’ [where the mountains meet the forest]. You will be taken on an hour long walk through Gåsbu inn, which was used as a base station by the resistance movement during world war 2. Then you drive up towards Skrimfjellet where you will learn about its cultural history before enjoying some coffee/tea and snacks. You can also see how far it is to hike from this location!

What winter activities are there in Lillehammer?

If you want to go skiing or snowboarding – then Kvitfjell is the best place in Lillehammer. This ski resort has a large range of different slopes, with snowparks for snowboarders and an easy green run for beginners. Skrimfjella also has cross country skiing trails that are perfect for beginner skiers or anyone who just wants to enjoy the outdoors when it’s covered in snow!

Where can I find information on upcoming events?

Events in Lillehammer change frequently – so keep checking back here to see what’s on this month! Amongst other things you can visit Lillehammer Jazz Festival, Rockheim Rock Festival and topollino Childrens Festival which take place during autumn/winter months. In addition there will be plenty of activities during easter and summer months, including national festival.

What are the best restaurants in Lillehammer?

The best restaurant in Lillehammer is probably Havfruen [the mermaid] which serves traditional food with great seafood dishes. Other good places to eat include sea gull inn – or try their succulent ribs. If you like Chinese cuisine then you can head out of town towards Gjøvik where there are several very good restaurants – be sure to visit Asian Palace!


Thus, if you are planning a visit to Lillehammer, make sure you check back here regularly to learn about what’s on. We will be continually updating this page with more information on events taking place in direct relation to Lillehammer tourism; so keep checking back!

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