Best Time to Travel to Hawaii

Hawaii is a delight to visit, no matter the time of the year. This all-time favorite location offers unending tourist attractions and engagement in all four seasons.

To find the best time to travel to Hawaii, you must consider the weather, cost, available activities, and visitor density.

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Top Months to Visit Hawaii.

When considering cost-effective, weather-friendly, and less crowded, these are the best months to travel to Hawaii:

January: After New Year.

It is pretty ironic to suggest the first month of the year after the bulk of holidays that began at the end of the previous year. But if you just got a leave and you want to have a getaway or honeymoon, January is a great time to visit Hawaii.

Here’s why you should pick January for your Hawaiian experience:

  • Cost: With everyone back home after the holidays, Hawaii rest from the hustle and bustle. And at this time, it is much cheaper to travel and get accommodation on islands.
  • Weather: January is a wetter period than usual. Be sure to prepare for rain when traveling.
  • Activities: The first month of the year is one of the best times to go whale-watching. January brings waves good enough for surfing and conducive weather for swimming and hiking. The Waimea Ocean Film festival and surfing tournaments are anticipated events during this period.

May: The Best In Everything.

Almost mid-year, the Hawaii weather is warm enough to hang around the beach and enjoy the water in May. May is the choicest month to travel to Hawaii.

You get Hawaii’s best in May because:

  • Cost: You get the best accommodation rates in May. This alone cuts down your budget for a fun-filled trip.
  • Weather: Hawaii is warm in May. The temperature is pleasant, and you bother less about taking “rain checks” as the rain mainly occurs at night.
  • Activities: May is the month when the islands are most quiet. Nevertheless, many memorial events occur, including the Lantern Floating Festival, Canoe Race, and Onion Festival.

September: Before Summer ends.

A getaway to Hawaii in September is warm and affordable. Though in the wet season, September is one of the best times to visit Hawaii. If you want to avoid the crowds, pick September for your trip.

And here’s why:

  • Cost: With fewer visitors coming this period, September is a reasonable time with cheap hotel rates and transportation costs.
  • Weather: Cooler during the day, warmer in the evenings, a Hawaiian September is one to spend on the beach. Expect a few rainy days and dress warmly when hiking, as the temperature in the hills is cooler.
  • Activities: Look forward to the Aloha Festival in Maui. The Kauai Marathon and Kauai Mokihana Festival are also held in September. If you want to see the volcano at Big Island, September is the time to do so.

Final Thoughts

If none of these months fit your calendar, you can try April, November, and December (for the Christmas holidays. Although this is more expensive).

Start planning your trip three months before time so you can make enough research to get the best deals. Book accommodation and make a checklist of all your plans so that you can enjoy Hawaii to the fullest!

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