The Ins And Outs Of Inflatable Swimming Pools

When summer comes calling, even a sprinkler doesn’t seem to cut it in suppressing the heat and maintaining a cool body temperature. Some people are blessed to live close to the beach or have a swimming pool at home but for the rest of us, taking a dip to cool off whenever we wish is not a readily available option. Fortunately, inflatable swimming pools are a lifesaver and you can get a decent one for even less than $100.

young swimmer, child, kick board
young swimmer, child, kick board

Choosing the right inflatable swimming pool for you


Many factors come to play when deciding what kind of inflatable pool to go with.

Types of inflatable swimming pools

The two main types of inflatable pools are:

  • Inflatable kiddie pool

A kiddie pool is small in size and designed for toddlers and young kids. Due to the small size, this pool requires minimal water storage space and is easy to assemble, clean and store.

Family pools are larger than kiddie pools and can accommodate adults and family members but are still relatively smaller than traditional swimming pools.

Factors to consider when buying one

Before buying an inflatable swimming pool, think about:

  • Available space

You may not be fortunate to own an extensive backyard but even if you have a small one, there are many available mini pools to choose from.

  • Size, shape and depth

There are so many sizes and shapes of inflatable swimming pools from large rectangular-shaped pools for adults to small pools with water slides and sprinklers for kids. Depth-wise, kids naturally require shallow pools while adults can go for deeper ones.

  • Material and cost

Inflatable pools are mainly made of vinyl plastic or PVC. Although PVC is more resistant to leaks and tears, it’s not as flexible as vinyl plastic. You should also consider your budget and there are many affordable pools below $100.

Pros and cons of inflatable swimming pools

The advantages and disadvantages of owning an inflatable pool include:


  • Ease of setting up and storage

Inflatable swimming pools are quite easy to set up and store. Once you buy one from the store, the deflated pool can easily fit into the trunk of your car. Setting up only needs you to inflate with a pump and fill in with water and you’re good to go.

  • Affordability

Digging a conventional pool in the ground can cost you an arm and a leg. However, with just a $100 budget, you can get a decent inflatable swimming pool to help you cool off during hot weather.

  • Ideal for small and medium spaces

Even without so much space in your backyard, you can have an amazing experience with an inflatable swimming pool.

  • Low maintenance and safer

Compared to in-ground pools, inflatable swimming pools are quite cheaper to maintain. Cleaning them is easy and you won’t be incurring costs on countless pool chemicals. Additionally, they are safer as it is hard for someone to slip into them or drown.


  • They can be easily damaged

Inflatable pools have a shorter lifespan compared to in-ground ones and can be prone to tears and leaks.

  • They are not ideal for group sharing

Although some large enough inflatable pools can accommodate several adults, they cannot comfortably hold many people at the same time as conventional pools do.

Bottom Line

Inflatable pools offer a very creative option to enjoy a dip in your backyard without robbing the bank. This article educates you on the ins and outs of inflatable swimming pools to help you make an informed decision.

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