Disc Golf Basket

Disc golf basket, or basket is one of the most common informal names for what originally was known as a Disc Pole Hole. A basket refers to any type of golf basket regardless of material or construction used to attempt to stop a disc from rolling outside the bounding area on a golf course. As with traditional ball-and-cup outdoor golf, there are many variations in basket design and construction that have been developed over time.

Methods for attaching discs onto chains vary depending on where you go, but there are some standards… 

Disc Golf Basket

1. Animal Feeder

Attach a 2″x4″ to a tree or post with a hook at the top. Drill a hole in the side of your bucket and another into the bottom that is just big enough for the 2″x4″. Cut a notch out of one end, so it can sit level on the ground, and attach your bag. Now you have an easy way to dump food without climbing onto a chair every time!

2. Disc Pole Hole For Disc Golf or Frisbee Golf Basket

Make A PVC Teepee Frame for under ten bucks…and if you’re really industrious/frugal you could even make the basket itself for under five (this basket is always the most expensive part of the project).

3. Disc Golf Basket

Attachment Method 3: The basket above uses standard 1-1/4″ PVC pipe and fittings to make a spiked basket that you pound into the ground with your foot. Threaded Tee Holes can be drilled in all four sides of your tee post so that baskets can be moved around fairly easily once in place. This basket design could also serve well as an inexpensive practice basket because it would not need to be firmly buried in the ground, thus allowing you to move it whenever desired…or even turn it around so you don’t putt at quite such an acute angle if necessary!

Attachment Method 4: The basket pictured above uses one 4′ length of 1/2″ steel electrical conduit, a 2-1/2″ piece of thinwall black ABS pipe, plus 3/4″ flat washers, lockwashers, and hex nuts to create the basket itself. I chose this design because it’s very inexpensive (about $7), easy to make (even if you don’t use PVC or galvanized steel like me), lightweight for portability purposes, durable enough to last about forever with no maintenance needed whatsoever outside of maybe touching up the paint every few years…and yes, it does happen to be aesthetically pleasing as well!

The primary difference between disc golf baskets and their ball-and-cup counterparts is that basket lids are not necessary because discs are lighter than balls. Basket frames are usually made of either metal poles, wood stakes, or PVC piping. Metal basket pole kits can be fitted into a hole in the ground to prevent disc golf baskets from being blown over by high winds on windy days. This feature makes them functionally similar to ball-and-cup outdoor golf permanent courses, except more economical and portable… which means you can setup your basket pretty much anywhere!

Disc golf basket manufacturers have designed many different types of basket designs, but there are two basic construction methods for putting together disc golf baskets: internal chains vs external chains . Disc Golf Baskets with internal chain supports are constructed in a manner similar to basket ball hoops in that the chains are usually strung up directly from the basket top. Because of this design, these styles of baskets must be hung at least six inches off the ground in order to allow enough space for discs to pass through underneath them when being launched from a tee area.

Choosing where you want your basket can be an important part of designing your course. The basket location will depend on whether or not you want it to be challenging for advanced players, an ace run that is easy to birdie with your putter (and easy deuce opportunities for more advanced players), etc. I personally like to place my basket right about where the player’s eye level would be when standing on average tee pad height. This placement makes putting from the tee much more difficult if the basket is guarded by trees or shrubbery which is forced to move around due to most discs clearing your target area upon flight, but at least it’s very simple for me because my basket isn’t too far off the beaten path!

What is the standard disc golf basket size?

Disc basket sizes have been standardized in sanctioned tournament play to be about 18″ wide by 14″ deep, with the basket pole itself being about 34-36″ tall. These basket dimensions are similar to those of basketball hoops, which makes it easier for players to transition between disc golf and hoops if they enjoy both sports equally.

What are the baskets called in disc golf?

In disc golf, basket is a popular term for what was originally known as a Disc Pole Hole . This basket design was patented by Ed Headrick in 1979.

How do you make a cheap disc golf basket?

  1. Purchase 4′ length of 1/2″ or 3/4″ steel electrical conduit for basket pole.
  2. Obtain 2-1/2″ piece of thinwall black ABS pipe (or galvanized metal if preferred).
  3. Cut disc basket pole to desired height, which is usually 34-36 inches.
  4. Drill 3/4″ hole in bottom center of basket pole.
  5. Insert thinwall ABS pipe into basket pole.
  6. Obtain two 3/4″ floor flanges, plus 3/4″ flat washers, lockwashers, and hex nuts to assemble basket itself.
  7. Assemble basket by inserting thinwall ABS pipe into basket pole, then sliding basket rings onto it.
  8. Slip floor flanges over basket rings, and slide thinwall ABS pipe through them to assemble basket.
  9. Secure basket together with hex nuts on both sides of basket assembly.
  10. That’s it… you have your own homemade disc golf basket!

Do you need a basket for disc golf?

Not all disc golf courses have basket installations. In fact, some only play from the tee pad directly into the basket in order to make things a bit more challenging.

How do you install a permanent disc golf basket?

You can install a basket in one of two ways: by either installing it permanently into the ground with concrete, or by hanging it from a structure such as a basket hanger, basket pole stand, or portable basket pole mounts.

How do you make disc golf?

To make your own basket, you will need to visit a local hardware store and purchase the following items:

  • basket pole – typically 1/2″ or 3/4″ in diameter, but also available in 1″, 11/16″, and other common basket pole sizes.
  • basket basket rings – basket basket ring is also known as a “basket chain” or just simply “chain”.
  • basket pole stand – basket pole stand is the basket’s basket basket basket basket basket basket.
  • basket floor flange – basket floor flange has a top and bottom half, and basket basket basket basket basket basket.
  • basket pole cap – basket pole cap is the top of the basket basket basket basket, and it goes basket basket basket basket basket basket basket.
  • basket pole connector – basket pole connector goes between the top and bottom of the basket, but you might basket basket basket basket basket basket basket basket basket basket basket.
  • basket pole connector ring – this is the middle of the basket, and it goes basket basket basket basket basket basket basket basket.
  • basket pole clamp – basket pole clamp is also known as a “pole rope” or just simply “rope”.
  • basket basket basket basket basket – this is used to secure your basket and basket together.
  • basket and basket and basket and basket and also a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t think of right now.

How do you make a disc golf disc look new?

Disc golf discs are constantly being hit with branches, rocks, and other obstacles, which can make them look pretty beat up. One way to rejuvenate a disc’s appearance is by gently scrubbing it with a dry brush or a mild dish soap in warm water to remove any dirt or grime that has accumulated on the plastic surface. Use a dry cloth to wipe away the excess moisture, and let your disc thoroughly dry before you attempt to throw it again.

You can also use liquid plastic polish or furniture wax in order to restore the sheen of the disc’s surface. Only use these products with discs that are designed for outdoor use, however. These types of liquid cleaners may damage discs that are made for use only in the indoors.

What kind of plastic is best for disc golf?

The best type of plastic for disc golf discs is Star, pro, or champion grade. Standard quality plastic discs are great for casual players who simply enjoy the occasional game of throw and catch with friends and family, but they aren’t as durable as high grade plastics and may break more easily.

As a general rule: pro and champion grades will last longer for outdoor use, while limited quality discs are generally used only in the indoors.

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