Elephant Safari Park Bali

The natural splendor of Bali makes it an enticing travel destination. There are tropical jungles and volcanic mountains, magnificent sandy beaches that will captivate you, and a number of monuments and temples that will transport you back in time to explore the past. The Elephant Safari Park Bali can enhance the experience, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with these beautiful animals in an absolutely breathtaking environment.

The Mason Elephant Sanctuary Bali is the only elephant rescue park specifically devoted to its mission in Ubud, Bali.


Mason Elephant Sanctuary Bali, in contrast to other elephant parks in various regions of SouthEast Asia, adheres to its unique ideology, and its employees make it a point to treat the elephants with love, patience, and respect.

Elephant Safari Park Bali
Elephant Safari Park Bali


Located just outside Ubud, Bali’s Elephant Safari Park & Lodge is a park that spans 8 acres and is home to 30 Sumatran elephants. The Park’s management has trained the elephants to engage with people, paint, play basketball and soccer, swim, and do other activities.

Safe Haven for Creatures:

The species, who are often lost owing to unlawful hunting, now have a safe haven inside the Park thanks to its establishment. The proceeds from each visit go towards maintaining and expanding the conservation efforts.

Assortment of Activities:

The range of activities includes private rides on elephants, a research center, a café, a museum, a botanical garden of modest size, and a lodge that may be used for overnight accommodations. Simply said, it is a tourist’s dream come true. Maybe even more significantly, the Park is committed to providing retired working elephants with better care and housing to give them a happier and healthier existence. In this Park, there are 31 Sumatran elephants that you will get the chance to interact with personally.

Park’ Regulation:

The ‘5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare,’ created in 1965 by Great Britain, are adhered to by the Park. These freedoms include the ability to express oneself freely are:

  • freedom from hunger and thirst
  •  freedom from discomfort
  •  freedom from physical pain, injury, or discomfort
  •  freedom from anxiety and anguish
  •  freedom to express oneself.

During its twenty years of operation, the component has garnered worldwide recognition from various animal welfare groups, including the National Geographic Society and the World Wildlife Foundation, with the latter serving as a partner in conservation efforts with the former.

Designing Considerations:

The park was meticulously constructed and manicured to replicate the elephants’ native habitat in Sumatra as closely as possible. The only methods utilized to educate elephants here are repetition, reward, and patience, so you should not worry about animal abuse. If you opt to ride an elephant, you may be confident that the animal will not experience any pain or suffering. Specially designed and crafted with cushioned lightweight hardwood seats for a comfortable ride on the back of an elephant. This activity helps the elephants maintain their fitness, health, and strength.


The Elephant Back Safari Package at Bali Safari Park features one of the giant land animals through an African-themed Bushveld accompanied by free-roaming Wildebeests, Zebras, and Rhinos. The Bali Safari Park is home to intelligent Sumatran elephants and has undertaken conservation steps to ensure their longevity. This private journey will take you to one of Asia’s largest safari parks, where you can get a close look at actual animals.

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