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People would want to join Fitness World Clubs to achieve their fitness objectives for a variety of reasons, including the following: Some people chose us because Fitness World Clubs have such fantastic personal trainers working here. Others participate in our group fitness courses, which include activities such as yoga, Zumba, and cycling. Fitness World is here to assist you in accomplishing your fitness objectives, regardless of how you want to make use of us.

trail, walking, path
trail, walking, path

Legacy Fitness:


In Ankeny, Iowa’s The District at Prairie Trail, you’ll find the brand-new and highly regarded fitness center known as Legacy Fitness.

The 32,000 square foot fitness center features all the facilities you might expect in a comprehensive fitness destination, in addition to a few pleasant surprises that have been added recently.

A golf, simulator, an indoor track, the most up-to-date strength and conditioning equipment, a full-size swimming pool, a strong line-up of personal training and group fitness classes, golf, and a brand-new functional exercise area are just some of the amenities offered at this fitness center.

Fitness Programs:

Following popular fitness programs are offered in this fitness world:

Personal Training:

The personal trainers here will provide you the directions you need to follow in order to go from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

They are your compass (Goals, Priorities, and Steps), so that you may find your way to where you want to go!

Nutritional & Health Coaching:

You will benefit from the knowledge of Legacy’s very own registered dietitian and certified health and wellness coach in order to achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

Both our coaches Susie and Kimberley provide members assistance that is based on evidence-based nutrition and well-being practices, with the goal of assisting members in improving their overall health.

Group Fitness:

You can Join  fitness world’s network of people that do group exercise now/ Together you can achieve all of your health and fitness objectives. More than fifty different programs are offered each week at Legacy Fitness to accommodate members of varying fitness levels.

We are certain to offer a class that is suitable for you, regardless of whether you are a first-time participant or a fitness enthusiast. With a membership at Legacy Fitness, you are able to participate in as many of the facility’s group exercise courses as you would like at no additional cost.

Fitness World’s Partners:

Some of the trusted partners for the fitness world Ankeny in the area are:

Coachlight Clinic:

Ankeny’s Coachlight Clinic specializes in non-invasive cosmetic procedures for anti-aging and glowing skin. Our aesthetic professionals can assist you with filler, BOTOX, laser treatments, microneedling, as well as CoolSculpting fat reduction.

Foot & Ankle center at Iowa:

Treatments for fractures, ankle sprains, flat foot, arthritis, bunions, hallux rigidus, heel discomfort, hammertoe,ingrown toenails, tendonitis, sports injuries, warts, as well as sesamoid pain are available in the Foot and Ankle Center of Iowa. They also address foot abnormalities in youngsters.


You may safely and efficiently work toward improving your health and fitness in an environment that is unique, private, and judgment-free like the one that is provided by Fitness World. The personnel at Fitness World, including licensed personal trainers and physical therapists, have a broad array of skills that may assist individuals coming from a number of different backgrounds. Whatever your issue may be – whether it be an old injury that has prevented you from exercising, a medical condition that makes you nervous about making changes to your health, or the fact that you are an athlete wanting to get an advantage over your rivals – whatever it may be, we can help.

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