Indiana Mushroom Hunting 2021

Have you ever tasted morel mushrooms? They are a lip-smacking addition to your meal. They have a nice meaty texture and a unique design and are rich in taste and nutrition.

Mushroom Hunting
Mushroom Hunting

And guess what is more exciting?—Going mushroom hunting!


Morel mushrooms are hard to find, making it a delightful treat and daring challenge to embark on. Indiana is an excellent spot to go hunting for morel mushrooms.

How mushroom hunting works.

Mushroom hunting requires a knowledge of the environmental topography, forests, and outdoor survival. You must travel, hike, camp, and endure the elements to find these forest treasures. But it is very fulfilling.

Morel mushrooms have high demand, and you can enjoy some for yourself. And don’t forget that you enjoy the memorable experience with nature that comes with the package.

If you want to try this outdoor adventure, here’s a list of things you should get:


By reading this, you are off to a great start. Get more knowledge by joining mushroom foraging clubs, getting maps, and finding more information about mushroom species and Indiana. This will help you identify the right kind of mushrooms—some are lethal—and survive through harsh conditions while hunting.

Hunting tools.

What’s a hunter without his guns? You are no mushroom hunter without picking tools such as a pocket knife, basket, and brush for cleaning the mud. A mushroom identifier app is also handy as many species of look-alike mushrooms could also be poisonous.

Survival kit

Your survival kit should include water and snacks since you will be hiking long distances. If you are camping, prepare your backpack with your tent, bug spray, food, torchlight, and a GPS device for navigation.


Mushroom hunting is best enjoyed with a group of people. Take a hunting trip with your friends and make fun with it by organizing a mushroom picking tournament. You can award the hunter who picks the highest number of mushrooms or the giant mushroom. Decide on the rules and modalities and have fun.

Where to go mushroom hunting in Indiana

You can pick mushrooms on any public land in Indiana. Notable locations are:

  •  Hoosier National Park.
  • Raccoon Lake State Recreation Area
  • Brown County State Park
  • Splinter Ridge Fish and Wildlife Area
  • Mansfield Village Mushroom Festival

Some of these places— like Mansfield Village and Brown County State Park—organize mushroom festivals which also include mushroom hunts and mushroom auctions. The Mansfield Village Mushroom Festival takes place in April, while Brown County State Park organizes its festival in April or May.

Best time for Mushroom Hunting in Indiana

The best time to hunt for mushrooms is in spring. In Indiana, that’s March till June. And the best time of the day would be after rain falls. You will find a lot of them then.

Final Words.

Are you looking for fun spring vacation? Try mushroom hunting in Indiana. The trip is gratifying as you enjoy nature’s scenery and a bag of delicious mushrooms. Mushroom hunting is best enjoyed with company. So plan it with a group of friends.

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