Boots For Ice Climbing

In the sport of ice climbing, two equipment items are essential: crampons and boots. Both must be functional and fit properly to provide a climber with a sufficient tool for scaling vertical frozen waterfalls. The design of most modern ice climbing boots is based on traditional mountaineering boots which have been adapted for specific application to conditions encountered in the sport of ice climbing.

Ice Climbing
Ice Climbing

“Climb any mountain, and you will see ropes and climbers on the other side,” so said famed climber Walter Bonatti.


There is no question that rope work and technique play a vital role in climbing frozen waterfalls safely and efficiently, but nothing can enhance safety and performance like wearing the proper gear. Boots provide a vital link between the climber and ice tool. They must fit well to avoid potential injury, be durable enough to handle the frequent falls and not fail when weight is placed upon them.

“Climbing boots need to be stiff midsole-to-outer sole in order to transfer force efficiently … and have a low Volume to fit tightly around the foot,” says Andy Kirkpatrick, a world-renowned alpinist and author of “Dark Shadows Falling,” a book about his experiences in Kalymnos.

If you plan on climbing ice, boots are among the most important pieces of gear. They must be sturdy enough not to fail under stress, able to fit your feet like a glove and work with crampons instead of against them.

While stiffer isn’t always better, it is a good idea to keep in mind that boots should be stiff so they can easily transfer force from your legs to the ice tools. “A boot with a flexible sole will absorb some of the energy you apply and dissipate it as heat,” says Kirkpatrick.

What boots should I wear for ice climbing?

It’s important to find a pair of boots that fit your feet whether you’re new to the sport or have been climbing for years. There are several features that make one boot better suited than another depending on how you plan to climb ice.

Can you use ice climbing crampons for mountaineering?

Yes. Crampons can be used for both ice climbing and mountaineering provided they are the proper style, size and fit the boot to which they are attached.

What equipment do you need for ice climbing?

In addition to a leash, boots and crampons, ice climbers should carry several pieces of basic equipment, including an ice tool, a helmet and a screwdriver. Inexperienced climbers should also carry prusiks or v-thread tools for building anchors in the event that they need to retreat from a climb.

What are double boots?

Double boots are specially designed for ice climbing and mountaineering. They have removable liners, lacing systems that allow them to be worn tight or loosened for different levels of insulation and soles designed to accommodate crampons.

For new climbers, double boots are the best option because they offer protection from the elements while giving you some room to grow.

Why do mountain climbers have bumps and spikes in their shoes?

Crampons are a crucial piece of gear for anyone who plans on scaling frozen waterfalls. They attach to the bottom of boots and provide climbers with a better grip on slippery surfaces.

What kind of boots for ice climbing work best?

Double boots work best for both ice climbing and mountaineering because they offer superior insulation, protection from the elements and resistance to wear.

Modern crampons are versatile tools that can be used with a variety of boots. The two must fit well together in order to provide climbers with a stable platform from which to scale frozen waterfalls.

Why are boots so expensive?

Boots made for mountaineering are durable, crafted from high-quality materials and designed for specific activities. They must be able to protect climbers from the elements while also supplying them with a solid platform for scaling steep mountain faces.

How do I know if my boots are broken in?

It’s not possible to know whether boots are broken in until they’ve been worn for days at a time. However, if you can easily slip your foot into your boot or tight-lace it immediately after purchasing, the construction is most likely lacking in stiffness and they may need to be broken in.

What is the best type of boots for ice climbing?

Double boots with removable liners, stiff soles and an integrated crampon system are the best choice for new climbers who want to learn how to scale frozen falls safely and efficiently.

Pair them with modern, versatile crampons that can be used on a variety of boots without interfering with the fit or causing discomfort.

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